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Pandion Letters - Progress Updates

Pandion Letters
Pandion Letters - Progress Updates
By Pandion Games • Issue #7 • View online
We’re hitting goals, getting work done, and making plans for the future!

We wanted to give a quick update on Banda’s Grove’s funding goals and our progress towards releasing additional content!
New Creatures and Quantum Events
Our Creatures and Quantum Events funding goal allowed us to hire several writers to create a wide and fascinating array of creatures and events! This week I received drafts for several, and I couldn’t be more excited to get these entered and share them with all of you!
They are jam packed full of lore and world building that will give players inspiration to dig deep into the Grove and all it can offer.
Solo Rules Outline
We smashed passed the $1,000 funding goal and unlocked solo rules! Armanda and I have already sat down and worked on an outline of what we wanted the rules to accomplish and ideas on how to accomplish that within the current rule set!
Outlines for each playbook are complete and we are spending time to make sure they each provide a unique and interesting way of existing and looking at the Grove! More details soon.
On The Horizon
We are on our way to the next funding goal of unlocking more Quantum Events and new Festivals! Each Event is a unique and fun mini adventure for players to solve with their actions, inventory and friends.
Festivals add whimsical role playing opportunities packed full of celebration that reward players with bonuses, from earning more pebbles to removing complications from Quantum Events and changing the seasons.
Game Spotlight
Each newsletter, we want to highlight a cool game by another creator. For our first Spotlight, we want to talk about Armanda’s new solo game!
This solo exploration journaling game uses a wonderfully unique mechanic of building a solitaire pyramid that you use to explore, discover and catalogue your findings on alien planets!
Armanda has worked with professional Astrobiologists and Archeologists to add realism and depth to the game.
Investigate and catalog ancient remains of species, keep them well preserved, and formulate hypothesis and theories of the previous inhabitants!
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