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[Pandion Letters] - Banda's Grove Website & Tiers!

Pandion Letters
[Pandion Letters] - Banda's Grove Website & Tiers!
By Pandion Games • Issue #1 • View online
Andrew from Pandion Games here with news about our newest game: Banda’s Grove!
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Website Launch and Press Kit Release
We are excited to announce the release of the new website for Banda’s Grove. Get sneak peek information, a list of game features, listen to the curated Banda’s Grove playlist by @GoblinMixtape, and more!
We also released our Press Kit, which will be public-facing and hosted on If you are a member of the press and are interested in an interview, writing an article, or setting up actual plays please reach out.
Banda’s Grove is currently rules-complete and we are hard at work adding content for the Early Days Edition release in February: Quantum Events, Nature Watching creatures, crafting items, ingredients, Character Playbooks, Facilities, and Festivals!
We will have a firm launch date soon but are targeting the second week of February.
Backer Tier Information!
There will be several backer tiers available during itchfunding, but we want to go over the most important two! The Friends of the Grove tier will come with everything you need to play:
  • 56+ page A5 PDF containing all the rules and content to get you settled into the Grove.
  • Printable Character Sheets
  • The Banda’s Grove Map Pack - which will include print-and-play map sheets in A3, A4, 8.5x11, and 11x17 formats to draw your own map of the Grove, or use the included fragments and marker tile pack.
But we have more to offer! The Grove Ranger’s Welcome Packet tier includes everything in the Friends of the Grove, but will add in all print-and-play supplemental digital content, including blank templates to make your own:
  • Plane Records
  • Camper and Spirit Cards
  • Nature Watching Cards*
  • Quantum Event Cards*
  • Any other digital supplemental content we release
* The Early Days Edition releases with a limited number of Nature Watching Creatures and Quantum Events. More cards and artwork will be added over time, which you will receive for free as part of the Grove Ranger’s Welcome Packet tier.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always email us at
We appreciate you coming along for the journey!
Till next time,
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