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Pandion Letters - Banda's Grove Launched!

Pandion Letters
Pandion Letters - Banda's Grove Launched!
By Pandion Games • Issue #4 • View online
The tents are up, the logs are aflame, all that is left is to play some games!
Share your stories around the fire, roasting all the marshmallows you desire!

Banda's Grove: The Early Days Edition
Today we launch the Early Days Edition of Banda’s Grove! What all is contained in this 70pg PDF?
Let me tell you!
  • Full game rules to build, explore, and play at the Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds!
  • Digital and Printable Character Sheets!
  • A full map pack! Hex-grids, blank, or pre-filled maps in standard US and Metric sizes, and a print-and-play tileset to use!
  • New Resident Orientation - A no-prep, learn-as-you-play section to get you and your friends started.
  • Artwork by Tony Tran - Wonderful, cozy pieces of art with much more to come.
  • 1-page rules summary
  • 1 Ancient Primordial Being - Banda holds together the Planar Fragments and maintains the balance of the Grove in its mysterious quantum realm.
  • 3 Festivals - Wholesome special events that give unique bonuses - more to come!
  • 4 Quantum Events - Varied adventures to show off the Grove and what is possible.
  • 4 Planes - Unique, wonderful places whose different environments, creatures, and peoples have converged to create the Grove.
  • 5 Playbooks, with 10 planned! Play as a Grove Ranger, Groundskeeper, Botanist, Artist, or Ecologist!
  • 13 Badges - Earn Badges to add unique actions and bonuses to your character.
  • 18 Facilities to build - Add new downtime actions, gain bonuses, and unlock crafting. Build a General Store, Community Garden, Quantum Post Office, and more!
  • 20 Nature Watching Creatures to discover, and rules to create your own!
  • 21 Crafting Recipes! - a set of examples of what you can make.
  • A Crafting System - A simple, but robust crafting system to allow your imagination and creativity to flourish.
  • NPC and Spirit creation tools!
  • Tips for Creating - A helpful guide on how to create interesting facilities, creatures, festivals, and more that fit into Banda’s Grove.
  • A full set of file formats: full color and print-friendly pdf, txt, epub, and HTML!
The Grove Ranger's Welcome Packet Tier
There are many digital and print-and-play supplemental materials available in the Grove Ranger’s Welcome Packet! If you love offering on-theme handouts, interactive online play, or want to make your own content, this one is for you!
This gives you access to the print-and-play creature cards, quantum event cards, plane record sheets, camper and spirit cards, and creature Spot List!
These materials will continually be updated as we add more content. And, as we get the artwork created, will also include an illustrated badge pack!
Add your own Creatures or Quantum Events!
Do you have an idea for a creature you’d like to be in the official game? Or perhaps you have the perfect Quantum Event? We have tiers that allow you to sit down and work with us to craft your own creature or event to be included in the game with special credits in the book!
If all you want or need is the core rules we have the Ashcan Edition just for you! The basic, no fluff, set of rules needed to start off in Banda’s Grove in pdf and txt formats!
We can’t wait to see what you create and discover!
-Andrew and the Banda’s Grove Team.
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