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Pandion Letters - Banda's Grove Content Update!

Pandion Letters
Pandion Letters - Banda's Grove Content Update!
By Pandion Games • Issue #8 • View online
Our first big content update is here!

New Creatures & Quantum Events
This update saw the addition of many new, wondrous creatures like the Bonder from Pese Malosi:
Bonders are theorized to be a fundamental piece of the Malosian ecology, small arachnids that build invisible networks using the thought patterns of different creatures. This network creates strong connections between individuals or, given enough time, entire species.
While the creatures can be found during Nature Watching actions, it is worth looking through them for hidden lore and inspiration for crafting, events, special festivals, and more.
We also added a few more Quantum Events that we’re very excited about. One introduces the concept of the Undergrove and asks you to explore its caverns, written by Dana Pena.
Another Quantum Event, written by educator and game designer Michael Low, takes you on an exciting adventure of conservation, exploring the Grove’s lake healing both it and the spirit that lives deep below.
New Playbooks
I am very excited about the new Playbooks and the varied gameplay they bring. Let’s meet the Chef, Counselor, Instructor, Quantum Specialist, and Tenderfoot.
Chef - So much of community, culture, celebration, and camping revolves around food. Gathering, planning, cooking, eating: you are a stout pillar of the community. Your Actions ensure those around you are well-fed, and ready to take on the day.
Counselor - Your concern is about the mental health and wellbeing of all at the Grove. You shine a light in the darkness to bring about peace and happiness. Your Actions revolve around calming, secrets and providing hope to both spirits and campers.
Instructor - Your noble ambition is to pass along knowledge to the current and future generations! From canoeing and navigation to writing and arithmetic, you are skilled in knowledge, and supporting your students.
Quantum Specialist - You’re a scientist with a profound understanding of Quantum Mechanics. You are one of the few that understands Banda, The Grove, and the Quantum Woods. Your Actions interact with the mysterious Quantum aspects of the Grove.
Tenderfoot - You are the new, fresh face. Full of gumption and gusto, you are a sponge to knowledge and always getting into mischief. Your Actions revolve around assisting and imitating others’ Actions you see them performing.
New Rules: Failing and Helping
We aren’t good at everything, and we will not always succeed. Failure in Banda’s Grove is to be celebrated because it means you tried!
It is both our strengths and weaknesses that help define us. It is a community that builds itself to compliment and support each other, that grows strong together.
Defining rules for failing and helping those struggling allows us (and you!) to create actions, items, bonuses, badges, and narratives around strengths and weaknesses complimenting each other.
Actual Plays
The first Actual Play of Banda’s Grove went live last Thursday on Bramble Berry Games! The first episode was an absolute blast of character creation, world building, meeting new NPCs and starting their first Quantum Event. You can find the first episode here.
The cast will be playing live every Thursday in March at 10AM EST time for four sessions total. Make sure to check them out on Bramble Berry Game’s twitch stream.
Updated Orientation Course
After player feedback, we have tweaked the New Resident Orientation Course - our no-prep game tutorial, to provide a play experience that mirrors normal gameplay better.
More to Come...
This was our first big content update, but there is still more to do. We will have badges artwork ready shortly, solo rules are under development, and we are developing more badges for players to earn.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. It has been a wonderful ride.
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