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[Pandion Letters] - A Look at Crafting in Banda's Grove

Pandion Letters
[Pandion Letters] - A Look at Crafting in Banda's Grove
By Pandion Games • Issue #2 • View online
Happy Friday! Only 11 days until we launch Banda’s Grove!
Today we wanted to share what you can expect when crafting items at the Grove!

The Crafting System
Why craft in Banda’s Grove at all? We wanted a crafting system for three reasons:
  • To make decorative items to wear, use, or personalize the Grove. These are purely narrative items for fun.
  • To require certain items in Quantum Events.
  • To create useful objects that grant boons, bonuses, or add interesting features.
To create an item in Banda’s Grove, the following must be true:
You must have the Facility built and its NPC defined that corresponds to the type of item you want to craft: Physical (Workshop), Edible (Diner), Textiles (Tailor), Artisan (Artisan’s Shop), and Quantum (Observatory).
You must know or define the recipe, which tells you the type of item, how many of each type of ingredient is needed, and what the item does.
You must have the required number of each type of ingredient. These are simplified into four categories: Fauna, Flora, Planar, and Quantum.
Gathering and Crafting
Use the “Gather Ingredients” action and spend 1 Pebble per 2 Ingredients you want to gather. We ask players to add flavor. If you want to gather Fauna ingredients - are you gathering feathers? Fur? Scales? And how: describe searching, bartering, collecting, or finding these items.
Then, once all the ingredients are gathered, go to the correct Facility and speak to the NPC, such as a woodworker at the workshop, and use the Craft action and 1 Pebble to make the item.
Some playbooks can gather more of a certain type of ingredient per action or spend extra Pebbles to forego the need of a Facility (if it isn’t built yet, or currently consumed by primordial quantum energies that need to be healed- Blips!)
Example Items!
We will add more items over time and we provide rules and tips to create your own. But what are the kind of items can you make? Here are some examples!
A Wooden Sign - 1 Flora, 1 Planar
A sign made from wooden slats lashed together with words or an image carved on one side. What does it look like? Draw the sign on the map!
Clutharian Chili - 2 Flora, 3 Fauna
A deeply beloved dish of Cluthar, it is normally shared communally after cooking for 12 hours. Share with other residents in a cozy scene. Everyone who partakes gains 2 Pebbles.
Quantum Windchime - 4 Flora, 4 Quantum
This wind chime catches loose time energies as it impacts its chimes and stores it. Once every 4 weeks, you can discharge the energy stored and choose a Season, which the Grove flips to immediately.
Instability Calculator - 2 Flora, 2 Fauna, 2 Planar, 4 Quantum
This advanced calculator helps you predict where blips might occur. If you roll a 1 during a Convergence Event, you can select which Fragment the blip appears on instead of rolling.
Thank you for reading and we hope this gives you a good idea of how the crafting system works in Banda’s Grove!
Have a fantastic weekend!
-Andrew and the Banda’s Grove Team
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