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Newsletter - Issue #2

Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles
Hello again and welcome to the new subscribers! 
Time flies and it’s the middle of September already! That reminds me of the mooncakes I’ll be enjoying next week as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations here in Hong Kong, I even have my rabbit lantern ready and everything! 🌕
For this month I have a lot for you to check out so let’s get started.

  • The most recent IPCC report came out last month: AR6 Climate Change 2021, a deeply troubling one! Related, here is a tool where you can learn about sea-level rise and coastal flood risk around the world.
  • Draw all roads of any city at once, with a minimalist design. You can export it as SVG!
Inspiration and some design resources
  • I recently found these amazing interactive technical explainers created by Bartosz Ciechanowski related to physics, math and engineering. These are fun, didactic and with interactive elements to play with, I’m addicted! 
  • Shaper: An interface styles shaper that lets you set colors, spacing, font combinations and dark mode easily.
  • As I mentioned in the past newsletter, I’m daltonic and I struggle with green and red a little bit. Months ago, I found this macOS app named Contrast that helps a lot with WCAG color contrast ratios. I recommend it!
  • A collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. Useful for our daily work!
  • How I Experience Web Today: this is really annoying, don’t do it please 😬
  • Flowers of Fire: beautiful illustrations from Japanese Fireworks Catalogues (ca. 1880s)
Tip: Do you suffer from wrist pain? Well, I do! Here are some exercises you can try to increase flexibility and help lower the risk of injury, 20 seconds each and repeat every couple of hours.
Interesting reads
  • Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. The most popular cryptocurrency at the moment wastes energy by design. Why is that, and could it ever be greener? Read the story here
  • Pixel: a biography. An exact mathematical concept, pixels are the elementary particles of pictures, based on a subtle unpacking of infinity
  • Your Netflix habit has a small carbon footprint, according to a new study
  • Information+ Conference 2021. Registration is open!
  • In the wake of 9/11, Wall Street is more of a notion than an address. Interesting story
  • The hidden melodies of subways around the world
  • How 9/11 changed architecture and urban design forever. After the September 11 attacks, the design of buildings and urban spaces began to reflect the security concerns of a world where any place could be a target
Visual Journalism
A collection of projects that combine design, data, maps and the most important thing: a good story.
  • Nice and interesting National Geographic posters in its last print edition:
Manuel Canales
How our Solar System evolved, and how it can be orderly and chaotic at the same time. @NatGeo
Sept 2021. Graphic by: @canalesgraphics P.Healy @antoine_vfx @ajsteg @matthew_twombly
Brian T. Jacobs
🌞 In the September @natgeomag I'm proud to present you: THE SUN, one side of a *poster* made with @diana_c_marques illustrations, @NASASun data, and @SunPyProject scripts. It's all about our home star, over days, decades, and billions of years.
Latest projects
  • I’m excited to share that one of my last graphics for South China Morning Post, “Apocalypse Now”, which won gold in the past edition of Malofiej, was featured as a case study in the book Information Design for the Common Good by Courtney Marchese under the section “Truth and integrity in data presentation”, next to projects from incredibly talented people like Giorgia Lupi, Nadieh Bremer, Jan Willem Tulp, Dawn Kai, Jason Treat and Harry Stevens among others, so I feel really honored! The book was published by Bloomsbury Visual Arts and you can get it here. I’m waiting for my copy 😃!
  • See you at the American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 41st Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City. I will participate virtually talking about cartography narratives on October 14th. The conference is in a hybrid format so you’ll be able to access it online or attend in person.
And to wrap this second edition of the Newsletter up, please enjoy this video:
Thanks for reading until the end, more to come in October!
Fun fact about me: I can easily eat with my non-dominant hand 🍴
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Pablo Robles
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