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Newsletter #8 - I'm back!

Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles
Hey all, remember me?
In my last newsletter I was enjoying the cherry blossoms from my home office and now all I see is brown leaves falling around me. It’s suddenly chilly outside and we have finally left summer behind with all its humidity and rain (which, by the way, was a lot this year as we could witness the heaviest rain in decades here in Seoul).
It’s been five months and I don’t know where the time went! I even adopted a dog! 
Thanks for sticking with me despite the absence, I hope I can make up for the time lost with this month’s content.
Let’s catch up, shall we?

Bird Migration Explorer
Bird Migration Explorer
◦ Bird Migration ExplorerEduard creates beautiful Swiss-style shaded relief images for maps (via Tim Wallace) ◦ A repository of custom scripts that can be used with Sentinel-Hub services ◦ SQL for GIS users ◦ Worldwide building footprints derived from satellite imagery ◦ MMQGIS: CSV input/output/join, geocoding, geometry conversion, buffering, hub analysis, simplification, column modification, and simple animation ◦ TravelTime QGIS Plugin ◦ A mapping tool using machine learning to contribute to global geospatial data ◦ Compile GeoJSON from your own images ◦ Levels of exposure to noise in London, Paris and New York ◦ Dynamic World is a 10 meter resolution near real-time global land use land cover dataset ◦ Closest 10 airports ◦ Migrants and refugees crossing the Aegean SeaElectricity Maps is a live 24/7 visualisation of where your electricity comes from ◦ Application for determining the course of the sun at a desired time and place with interactive mapPermafrost data by ESA.Text only google maps (via Larry Buchanan) ◦ New free data on ground displacement in Europe
Inspiration and some design resources
Noisy City by Karim Douieb
Noisy City by Karim Douieb
◦ Karim Douieb’s work (Twitter and Observable) ◦ What’s going on in this graph? ◦ Templates for working with Svelte in a number of situations that commonly arise when building D3 graphs, scrollytelling by Reuters graphics ◦ Documentary: Svelte Origins ◦ Catalog of useful creative coding ◦ Boneyard 2022 ◦ A slice of perfection ◦ Good news in your inbox ◦ Build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science ◦ The History of User Interfaces ◦ Physical visualizations and related artifacts ◦ 100 rules to live by ◦ 50 productivity hacks chosen by internet and you ◦ Visualize value ◦ Sustainable web design ◦ Talks from the 2022 Outlier conference ◦ Color & Contrast, an interactive guide to color for designers ◦ How design tools should export SVG’s ◦ Intuitive vector graphic software for mac ◦ Color palette generator ◦ Sound of The Earth ◦ Daily minimal web inspiration ◦ Bike configurator
Interesting reads
◦ Biggest oil companies are on track to spend $103m a day for the rest of the decade exploiting new fields of oil and gas that cannot be burned if global heating is to be limited to well under 2C.
◦ A deep-learning algorithm could detect earthquakes by filtering out city noise.
◦ Mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 ‘words’, scientist claims.
Visual journalism
Intersection observer scrolling effects ◦ Music For Programming ◦ Masonry? In CSS?! ◦ The Future of CSS: CSS Toggles
Illustrator of the month
◦◦◦ Luis Mendo ◦◦◦
City observer
Latest projects
◦ In June I published the project The New Geography of the Russian Elite, where I analyzed data on nearly 2,000 flights of Russian private jets and compared the activity before and after sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine.
◦ SOPA awarded a project I made with my previous team in the category Excellence in Infographics: “Excellent combination of mapping and annotated photos to visually present physical changes in Hong Kong”. Thanks a lot for recognising my work!
◦ During August I collaborated in the piece The Illegal Airstrips Bringing Toxic Mining to Brazil’s Indigenous Land, working on some maps, illustrations and satellite analysis about the clandestine airstrips in the Amazon.
◦ How China Could Choke Taiwan came to life as well, an interactive map of the possible invasion of China to Taiwan. This project also made it to print! 
◦ At the beginning of this month I was invited to talk about graphics here in Seoul. Thank you so much for the invitation!
Pablo Robles
I had a great time yesterday at the Seoul Media Holding’s Seminar, where I presented my talk “Design to go”. Thank you for having me! 🙌🏻🇰🇷
See you soon!
Fun fact about me: I started talking when I was five years old. My mom was the only one who could guess what I wanted/needed at the moment.
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Pablo Robles
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