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Newsletter #7 - Cherry blossoms 🌸

Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles
Hey there! Long time no see.
It’s been more than two months since my last newsletter.
I was first busy finding an apartment, which resulted to be a lot more complicated and overwhelming than expected, but we’re finally settled in. I’m enjoying my new place a lot, getting used to all the space we have here and realising how little things we had back in Hong Kong, which seemed a lot for our previous really small home. I can now look at the beautiful cherry blossoms through my home office window, something I’m feeling pretty grateful about!
I’ve also been covering the Russia-Ukraine war, North Korea’s latest missile test and China plane crash, among other recent events.
Lastly, I’m currently recovering from Covid after almost two weeks of getting it, which hit us hard considering we were fully vaccinated and boosted back in January. I’m glad I’m feeling much better now! Wishing all of you who are in a similar situation a speedy recovery.

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Our latest print #graphic: #Tepuis, island-like landforms towering thousands of feet above South American savannas and rainforests #natgeo #april2022 By @canalesgraphics @antoine_vfx @GaelleSeguillon @taymaggiacomo Patty Healy
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Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I’ve been involved in reporting and mapping the evolution of the war, an incredible learning process for me after three months of working for NYT. Also, I was able to collaborate on this piece, showing the massive destruction in Kharkiv by Russia, which then made it to the front page, making it my very first A1 byline. A great personal achievement!
Pablo Robles
Last friday I had my first A1/front page byline for the @nytimes! 🤯 Alongside the talented @atmccann @LazaroGamio @DeniseDSLu ~ Here is the online version:
That’s it for now. See you in the next one!
Fun fact about me: I can’t help but close my eyes whenever I’m eating something that tastes really good. My sister used to make fun of me because of that, haha!
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Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles @pabloroblesg

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