Newsletter #5 - Greetings from Costa Rica





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Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles
We arrived in my home country three weeks ago after a stressful and long flight, with Omicron spreading quickly and trying to cope with jet lag. I’m grateful to be here with friends and family, eating all of my favorite stuff and even surfing again after 12 years of not doing it. It felt amazing!
I’ll be heading to Seoul in less than a week to start my journey at The New York Times and to say I’m excited would be an understatement.
I hope you enjoy this month’s content and, of course, Happy Holidays!

Inspiration and some design resources
Sarah Morris
Sarah Morris
Interesting reads
Visual journalism
A collection of projects that combine design, data, maps, and the most important thing: a good story.
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City observer
Not too much to show this month ironically. I’ve honestly been just enjoying my time here in Costa Rica, especially the beaches. This one is from our trip to Tamarindo, Guanacaste:
That’s it for now.
Pura vida! See you next year!

Fun fact about me: I use my eyebrows much more than I realise to express myself 😆. Even without speaking.
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Pablo Robles
Pablo Robles @pabloroblesg

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Seoul, South Korea