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Tough times never last...

Tough times never last...
By Patrick Surlis • Issue #1 • View online
You know when you really want people to stop mentioning something?
Like when you get really drunk and embarrass yourself and you really wish all your mates would just drop it?
You know what wouldn’t help?
Doing it again.
Oh, Saints.
After Tuesday we are now condemned to years of banal pundit chat that repeats 9-0 ad nauseam.
To be honest though, I think that’s as bad as it’s going to get. Well, that and the embarrassment that will linger.
And it will linger.
We covered it on our post-match podcast so I won’t rehash it here but what really pissed me off was the Jan Bednerak red card.
An absolute shambles.
Mike Dean is now a caricature of Mike Dean. He has become self-aware. We are witnessing Mike Dean performance art.
Mike Dean going over to the monitor and refusing to change his mind? That’s normal Mike Dean.
I didn’t expect him to change his mind. Another ref, maybe. But not Mike Dean.
Going over to the monitor, watching Martial’s Swan Lake impression and deciding - not only is it a penalty, but it’s a red card for Jan Bednerak FOR PULLING OUT OF THE TACKLE.
You can only laugh.
Ah well.
On to Saturday. With no Jan :(

Gluttons for punishment
I fully expected nobody to listen to our Old Trafford post-match pod. Why would you? Best to just move on.
But we’ve committed to our podcast and we massively appreciated all you who tuned in on Wednesday morning for our immediate, emotional reaction to Tuesday’s game.
It ended up getting the 2nd most downloads in a single day ever (276 is our single-day record).
Thank you.
Oh When The Saints
You lot are absolute gluttons for punishment

nearly a record for single-day downloads (276 is our best)

appreciate all your support. up the saints.

Episode 49: Our Verdict from Old Trafford
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...only tough people last
Tough Time Never Last, Only Tough People Last... I TikTok
Tough Time Never Last, Only Tough People Last... I TikTok
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