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Things can only get better...

Things can only get better...
By Patrick Surlis • Issue #2 • View online
…or can they?
If there is one thing that we have learned as Saints supporters over the years it’s that no matter how bad the situation currently is, it could always get worse.
Don’t get me wrong. The Old Trafford disasterclass was humiliating. But what we served up on Saturday at St James’ was every bit as demoralising - just in a very different way.
Newcastle are seven shades of shite. In that first half we made them look like prime Barca.
To be fair, the warning signs had been there. A few weeks ago we somehow made Cedric Soares look like a competent left-back.
On Saturday our defence went to pieces, it was the Southampton of early 2019/20. Every opponent attack was ending in a goal.
But this wasn’t Martial, Rashford and Cavani. It was Almirón, Wilson and a half-fit Saint-Maximin. It was Steve Bruce with nine men ffs.
That final whistle really was a ‘stop the train, I want to get off’ moment.
Just complete frustration wrapped in anger wrapped in despair.
The joys of being a Saints fan.
But let’s not get carried away.
I firmly believe this remains a good team with a good manager.
We have an opportunity on Thursday to reach the quarter-final of the FA Cup. That puts us one game from Wembley (it’s nonsense the semis are played there but that’s by-the-by).
A successful season is still within reach. A Wembley berth and a top-10 finish is still within reach.
This last week has been painful but it doesn’t define the season. At least it doesn’t have to.
We just have to right the ship.
And Ralph is absolutely the right man to do that.
Anyway, Saturday has been and gone, let’s march on - scroll to the bottom of this email for a classic slice of 90s pop that’ll put a smile on your face.

Episode 50: Making sense of defeat on Tyneside
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What's going wrong at the back?
This is our best attempt at a coherent explanation for why we’ve gone from clean sheets to 9-0 defeats.
Click the tweet to unravel the Twitter thread.
Agree or disagree? Hit reply and let us know your thoughts.
Oh When The Saints
We've kept 8 clean sheets in the PL.

We've also conceded 9 in one game, 5 in another, and 3 goals five times.

When it goes wrong, it blows up.

So the question is why...
Game's Gone
The name of our newsletter. Why? Because we say it all the time.
Man Utd announcing another east Asian noodle partner? Game’s gone.
Mohamed Salah getting a penalty for a comedy dive? Game’s gone.
Che Adams seeing a goal chalked off when he’s clearly onside? Game has well and truly gone.
Each week, we’ll flag the latest evidence to support our theory that the game has got up, put on its coat, and fucked off.
The latest?
Two things.
The first - Mike Dean’s baffling decision to send off Tomas Soucek at Fulham at the weekend.
We watched that live when recording Episode 50 so you can hear our real-time reactions.
That was then swiftly followed up by a bunch of cretins sending Dean death threats.
Sending a referee death threats because you don’t like a decision? Give your head a wobble.
But we know social media is a cesspit.
The recent examples of racist abuse directed at Premier League footballers being fresh evidence of the deeply unpleasant people we share this planet with.
There is absolutely no place for any of that in the game, or in life.
Mic up the refs
This is from the A-League and it’s brilliant. More of this in the Premier League please.
Chris Williams
FIFA aren’t fans of this, but if they plan to keep VAR, and they absolutely do... the process on how decisions are arrived at should be totally transparent. Like this..
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(Things can only get, can only get)
D:ream "Things can only get better"
D:ream "Things can only get better"
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