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Otherworld Games
Otherworld Games
Hello Otherworldly Beings,
Summer is fleeting; Autumn approaches. This Autumn marks the release window for Otherworld Games’ debut board game launch, titled Nine Muses!

Nine Muses will soon enter blind playtesting
This game has been playtested over 50 times for mechanics, balance, and fun factor. A high res prototype will soon be complete and prototype copies will be made, which will be used for blind playtesting. Blind playtesting is when a designer observes other people playing their game from start to finish in order to make sure the rules are clear enough. The goal is for players to be able to set up, play, answer questions, and complete a game session solely by using the rulebook and materials provided.
The box art for Nine Muses. NOTE: This is still in development and subject to change.
The box art for Nine Muses. NOTE: This is still in development and subject to change.
Digital mods for Nine Muses are on the way
Nine Muses will eventually exist on platforms such as Tabletop Playground for you to try the game out before you make the purchase.
This digital copy will also be used for blind playtesting purposes and will be maintained alongside the physical game.
Launch date, pricing, where to buy info soon...
As materials and minor design elements are still being worked out, the launch date and pricing are still in flux. Estimates indicate the game will range from $20-$25 + shipping, but stay tuned for specifics!
There will be a print-and-play version of Nine Muses
Providing many options for purchasing Nine Muses is a core value of Otherworld Games. There will be a print-and-play version available, likely through That means you’ll be able to purchase print-and-play files at a reduced price from the physical version and put together a copy of Nine Muses yourself!
What about Lingua Franca??
Right now, I’m focusing all of my energy on getting Nine Muses across the finish line. But I’m excited to continue development on Lingua Franca and prepare it for launch.
Currently, Lingua Franca is a 54-card game. It will soon undergo many changes to create more dynamic gameplay and provide a range of challenges and difficulties. Things like art improvements, a more intriguing mission system, a rotating Spotter role, and thematic improvements with streamlined environments. A little vague, but once there’s more to show, you’ll be the first to know!
That’s all for now. See you later, Otherworldly Beings…
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Otherworld Games
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