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June updates from Otherworld Games

Otherworld Games
Otherworld Games
Hello Otherworldly Beings,
Apologies for being lax on the updates. Let’s rectify that to talk about what board games we have coming down the pipeline and which ones might see a later release.

Color Space and One Last Job are on hold
Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: Color Space, the 2-player abstract strategy tile-laying game, is on hold indefinitely. This is due to many factors, mostly relating to manufacturing and shipping issues that can’t be fixed right now.
We’re working on a launch campaign for Color Space as soon as the waters clear up a bit more.
One Last Job is also on hold indefinitely but for different reasons. I felt like the original game I made, although enjoyable, could stand to be improved. I’m currently running through changes to make One Last Job less of a “gambling” type of game (it had a similar vibe to Craps) and more of a strategy card game vibe.
But fret not, that means we’ll get to see some other games release a little earlier!
Nine Muses is slated for a Fall release
Banner art for the Nine Muses board game
Banner art for the Nine Muses board game
Nine Muses, the 2-to-4 player “euro-lite” game where players compete to become recognized as the greatest philosopher of our time by exchanging the three types of knowledge defined by Aristotle, is currently being judged in a contest. The results of the contest should be known shortly.
There are two possible routes to take Nine Muses: It might get picked up by another publisher as a result of doing well in this contest, or it might not and the game will be self-published.
If the latter option occurs, the plan is to release Nine Muses in the fall in PnP (likely through and physical print-on-demand (likely as a mint tin game through The Game Crafter). There will also be a digital version made available (likely through Tabletopia).
Call upon the Nine Muses – Otherworld Games
Lingua Franca is slated for a Winter release
Banner art for Lingua Franca
Banner art for Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca is a 3-6 player limited communication game. It’s a great game for parties that can be enjoyed by all board gamers, regardless of their interest in casual or complex games.
The game solely consists of a deck of 54 cards. One player must get other players to guess the correct action out of a selection of mission cards using limited word criteria defined on language cards.
Currently, Lingua Franca is in the same boat as Nine Muses. It’s being judged in a contest and the release will depend on whether a publisher is interested in it or not.
If the publishers don’t bite, the game will be self-published in much the same way as Nine Muses—on PnP, physical on-demand, and with a digital tabletopia mod.
Let’s create a Lingua Franca – Otherworld Games
Other board games are in development!
Since these are in the early stages of development, details are sparse. But Otherworld Games is developing a few other games:
•As mentioned, One Last Job is being tweaked to be more of a strategic card game. The cyberpunk theme is excellent and we’re looking at turning it into an 18-card strategy game for easy carrying.
•A co-op scientific space exploration/research game is in the works. Early playtests of the game are fun! Think of something with a bit of a Pandemic feel but without the actual stress of ever-spreading viruses to deal with. This game will revolve around scientists and engineers needed to accomplish specific goals as a team to win together.
•A 2-player competitive battle tactics game is in its earliest stages. This game will focus on small teams of champions battling against one another with customizable teams. It’s been wonderful designing this game and coming up with streamlined methods for fighting while preserving the absolute joy of being able to pull off a cool combo between characters or a great strategic battle move that destroys your opponent’s characters. More to come on this in the future.
That's all for now.
Until next time, Otherworldly Beings...
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