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#OSPO News from the TODO Group - Issue #12

#OSPO News from the TODO Group
#OSPO News from the TODO Group
Hi, there 👋 Welcome to #OSPONews, the monthly newsletter to stay up to date on Open Source Program Office (OSPO) trends.
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✨ OSPO Announcements
The State of OSPOs: 2022 Survey
The TODO Group, together with Linux Foundation Research, LF Training and Certification,, Futurewei, Ovio, Salesforce, VMware, and X-Labs, is conducting its 5th OSPO survey as part of a research project on the prevalence and outcomes of open source programs and similar open source initiatives operating across the globe.
OSPO 2022 Survey announcement
OSPO 2022 Survey announcement
A New Framework for In-Person OSPO Workshops: TODO Group Seeks Collaborators
Piloting in Europe first, TODO is currently seeking for collaborators to bring together the various communities involved in OSPO-specific topics and thus, help organizations effectively implement OSPO Programs based on specific region needs.
OpenSSF, OpenChain, and ESOP support TODO as new OSPO Associates
OSPO Associates view in the OSPO Landscape
OSPO Associates view in the OSPO Landscape
The OSPO Associate is a TODO Program that aims to work collaboratively across open source projects and communities that are helping the OSPO movement and improving OSPO-related resources and tooling. With the advice, help, and expertise from these open source communities, we aim to work together to:
  • [Security Domain knowledge] Better assist OSPOs on ways to increase the security of their own use of open source code, organization-owned projects, and improve the security of upstream OSS the organization use and depend upon (OpenSSF)
  • [Standards Domain knowledge] Better assist OSPOs on open standards and open source compliance best practices and implementation (OpenChain)
  • [Regional Ambassador] Ease OSPO transition & improve its adoption in Portuguese public and private organizations (ESOP)
TODO Community participants coming from entities focused on OSPO-related topics who help OSPOs but may not have an OSPO can support TODO by becoming OSPO Associates. Learn more here.
📚 OSPO Jobs
📌 ICYMI Industry News and Articles
🙋 OSPO Discussions
📎 Upcoming Conferences and Call for Papers
🔭 Cross-community e-learning
Webinars, courses, community calls, or network spaces from sister communities to expand your knowledge of OSPO responsibilities
OSPO Career Path - Courses
Do you want to be a lecturer for a new OSPO career path course? please contact TODO PM on TODO slack for collaboration opportunities!
📝 TODO Work Day Updates
Every month the TODO Group hosts Work Days! These are opportunities to connect with members of TODO and improve our public content and resources.
Updates from the latest AMER TODO Group working day on June 8th. Thank you to Ana for hosting!
  • Ashley Wolf and Ana Jimenez worked on OSPOlogy Live Framework
  • Ruth Ikegah added new content to the Upcoming OSPO News
  • Renisha Nellums worked on the Awesome OSPO Management repo and added some useful tools to the list
  • Josep Prat worked on the micro-tasks from #guide-engaging-with-communities
Updates from the latest WDA EMEA & APAC working day on June 13th. Thank you to Ana for hosting!
  • Ana Jimenez, Thomas Steenbergen and Jari Koivisto review OSPO mindmap PR and merge OSPO MindMap 2.0v
  • Ruth Ikegah added new content to the upcoming OSPONews
If you are interested to join TODO work days, please find the one that better fit with your timezone in the calendar
✨ Find more OSPO insights within the TODO’s Guides and additional OSPO resources.
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💚 Our General Members fuel TODO. Without their help and expertise, we would not be able to do the work we do. If your organization has an OSPO or similar initiative and is interested in supporting the TODO Group, see more info here.
🤝 Are you an open source community or project focused on OSPO-related topics that help OSPOs (but may not have an OSPO)? you can support TODO by becoming OSPO Associate.
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#OSPO News from the TODO Group
#OSPO News from the TODO Group @todogroup

TODO is a group of organizations who want to collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run open source projects/ programs, home of the #OSPO definition

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