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One Sentence News / Oct 6, 2021

Colin Wright
Colin Wright
The news simply summarized / October 6, 2021

Summary: A large Chinese property developer called Fantasia has failed to repay a $205.7 million bond and a $108 million loan, both of which were due on Monday, making a default by the company probable.
Context: This new default-threat is happening even as the Chinese government attempts to build a sort of fence around flailing (and likely near-default) property giant Evergrande, so its potential default won’t ripple through the economy and cause damage beyond what it will inflict on its investors and customers; a few other large Chinese developers—most of which grew to enormous size in China’s (until recently) friendly regulatory and economic environment of the past few decades—are also lurching toward insolvency and may cause similar headaches and ripples in the coming months.
Summary: A woman with severe depression has been treated with an implant (based on a device typically used to treat people with epilepsy) that detects patterns of brain activity associated with depression and interrupts them with minuscule electrical pulses deep inside the brain.
Context: This device has only been tested in one patient, so it’s far from any kind of public availability, but such a therapy could help the between 10-30% of people with depression who don’t respond to most or all of the available drug and/or therapy options on the market, while also reinforcing the notion that depression is a treatable disorder, not some kind of moral failing people should be ashamed of.
—The Guardian
Summary: Nearly 150 Chinese aircraft have flown into Taiwan’s air defense zone over the course of four days, in part to align with a Chinese holiday, but also, according to a China’s Foreign Ministry, in response to provocative actions by the US.
Context: The “provocative actions” China referenced in that statement is US arms sales to Taiwan (which China considers to be part of China; Taiwan disagrees) and US warships semi-regularly sailing through the Taiwan Strait, which is the body of water between the island of Taiwan and mainland China—which means while the Chinese are, in fact, flying an unusual number of military aircraft into airspace Taiwan claims as its own, the US is, in fact, doing similar things with naval vessels in areas China claims as its own.
Children born today can expect to see seven times as many extreme weather events as their grandparents according to new research published in Science, based on current climate projections and what we know so far about what those projections represent, in terms of practical changes to our environments.
Amount by which the surface temperatures on some streets in Phoenix, Arizona (measured in degrees Fahrenheit) was reduced after the application of a reflective, gray-colored paint.
That’s the top of the average range (10.5 to 12 degrees was the overall average), and the reduction was lower at sunrise (an average of 2.4 degrees).
But in desert climates like those in Phoenix, during a period of overall warming dotted with semi-regular extreme heat blips, relatively simple and inexpensive solutions like this one (which was tested by researchers to assess its potency) are getting a lot more attention.
—Scientific American
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Colin Wright
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