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One Sentence News / Nov 10, 2021

Colin Wright
Colin Wright
The news simply summarized / November 10, 2021
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Summary: Thousands of migrants from primarily African and Middle Eastern countries are camped out on the Belarusian side of the Belarusian-Polish border after months of diplomatic conflict between these two nations, related in part to this surge in migration.
Context: Polish officials have ordered forces to the border and accused the Belarusian government of attempting a hybrid attack on Poland, and by association the EU, in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Belarusian higher-ups after they violently crushed recent protests, their alleged intention being to flood their neighbors with more immigrants than they can handle; the Belarusian government denies this, but they’ve reportedly been leading migrants from the East toward the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, and in some cases helping migrants cross those borders into the EU illegally.
—The Associated Press
Summary: The US State Department has approved a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which involves the sale of 280 air-to-air missiles valued at $650 million.
Context: This is the first major arms deal with Saudi Arabia under the Biden administration, and it’s raising eyebrows in some circles because it seems to conflict with Biden’s pledge not to sell the Saudis weapons they can use in their ongoing war in Yemen; Congress still has to approve the sale, but a State Department spokesperson has justified it by saying it’s defensive technology and thus cannot be used to commit human rights abuses.
Summary: International organizations in Bosnia are ringing alarm bells over the possibility the region could return to physical conflict as a consequence of secession-related announcements and efforts by the Serbian member of the country’s presidency.
Context: There’s a lot of history underpinning this story, but the short version is the Bosnian War that ended in 1995 was brought to a close with an agreement that created two regional entities managed by a central, national entity, and that national entity is run by a tripartite presidency; one member of that presidential trio, a Bosnia Serb who has often been called a “strongman” leader, has threatened to withdraw the country’s Bosnian Serb entity from national institutions, including things like paying taxes to the national government and honoring the judicial system; Bosnian leaders have said there will be no return to fighting, but these threats are being taken seriously, even if they have no legal basis and he may be just bloviating to rile up his base, as he’s been known to do the past.
Europe has recently become the center of gravity for the COVID-19 pandemic, once more, with non-EU countries (which have vaccinated relatively fewer people) seeing the most new infections, but European Union member states (which have vaccinated relatively more people) rapidly climbing, as well.
Amount of data that could be written to a CD-sized glass disc using a new “5D” storage method, which is about 10,000-times as much data as a Blueray disc can hold.
This data-density is achieved by storing each digital file as three layers of nanoscale dots with size, orientation, and position properties that can be tweaked, resulting in five “dimensions” of alterability.
This newly announced approach to 5D optical storage allows data to be written faster than was the case with previous attempts, but it’s still slow by conventional data-storage standards, and would be more useful for long-term archival purposes than (for instance) playing back movie files.
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Colin Wright
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