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One Sentence News / Jan 5, 2022

Colin Wright
Colin Wright
The news simply summarized / January 5, 2022
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Summary: The US set a new global record on Monday, recording just under 1 million new confirmed COVID cases in a single 24-hour period (978,856, to be more precise)—about double the previous week’s tally of 486,000.
Context: Worth noting is that this number includes some cases documented over the weekend but not reported until Monday, which could increase the figure, but it doesn’t include at-home test results, which almost certainly means it’s leaving out quite a lot of positive tests that aren’t being officially documented; like many other countries, the US is in the midst of an Omicron-stoked COVID-infection wave, and while most of the data coming in supports the theory that Omicron will generally be less harmful to individuals in terms of medical outcomes (especially people who are vaccinated and who have received boosters) it’s still leading to a lot of hospitalizations for folks who’re either immunocompromised or who haven’t received any vaccine-delivered antibodies, and because of the large scale the wave, a lot of medical services are being overwhelmed and a lot of industries—like airlines and schools—are having to shut down because everyone’s caught COVID all at once, and in some cases there’s no one available to fly the planes or teach the kids.
Summary: Sudan’s Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, announced his resignation over the weekend, after having been deposed in a military coup in October, then reinstated to serve as the face of the military’s transitional government in November.
Context: Hamdok said in a televised address that there needed to be a dialogue to break the political deadlock that seemed to be keeping the country from moving forward, but plans to restore democracy in Sudan were derailed with that October coup, and much of the political stalemate is focused on whether and to what degree the military will retain power in whatever government emerges next—which is a non-starter for some political parties and local pro-democracy organizations.
—The Associated Press
Summary: A 49-year-old Cape Town man has been charged with arson, theft, housebreaking, and the possession of explosives after having been accused of setting fire to South Africa’s Parliament buildings.
Context: The suspect has pled not guilty, and it’s not clear what his motive might have been or whom else may have been involved, if he did commit the arson; the fire started on Monday afternoon and wasn’t put out until early on Tuesday, and the complex in which these buildings are aggregated has been described as having been severely damaged by the fire, and the National Assembly building as having been “gutted.”
—The New York Times
Apple temporarily became the first-ever company to reach a $3 trillion valuation on Monday, following a tripling in share value since the beginning of the COVID pandemic (it achieved a $1 trillion valuation in mid-2018 and hit $2 trillion in August of 2020); the price dropped back down below $3 trillion before the end of the day.
Number of migrants (including at least 205 children) who were lost at sea (90% of which were lost in 124 shipwrecks) while trying to reach Spain in 2021.
This is more than double the number of such deaths counted in 2020.
According to official Spanish government numbers, about 39,000 undocumented migrants successfully made it to Spain (by land or sea) over the same period.
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Colin Wright
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