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One Sentence News is concise, politically unbiased, and focused on delivering information and understanding in a non-frantic, stress-free way. Each issue features three curated news stories with a one sentence summary and one sentence of context apiece. There's also a visual (usually some ... Read more

One Sentence News is concise, politically unbiased, and focused on delivering information and understanding in a non-frantic, stress-free way.

Each issue features three curated news stories with a one sentence summary and one sentence of context apiece.

There's also a visual (usually some kind of chart or map) with a brief explanation, a news-relevant number with the same, and a "trust click" link with something unrelated to the news (but interesting) from around the web.

There's a podcast version of OSN available wherever you get your podcasts.

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One Sentence News / August 12, 2022

Disney surpasses Netflix in global paid streaming subscribersSummary: Disney has announced that it added 14.4 million new subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service, surpassing market expectations and Netflix's subscriber tally for the first time.Context: W…


One Sentence News / August 11, 2022

US inflation eased slightly to 8.5% in JulySummary: Much-anticipated inflation data were released by the US Labor Department yesterday morning, and they showed even better than anticipated inflation numbers that are thought to be partially the consequence of …


One Sentence News / August 10, 2022

FBI searches Trump's Florida home as part of presidential records probeSummary: This story is likely to shape headlines for the next few weeks, but what we seem to know so far is that FBI agents raided former President Trump's Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, on M…


One Sentence News / August 9, 2022

Cease-fire between Palestinians and Israel takes effect in GazaSummary: Following three-ish days of significant violence between Israeli forces and Gaza-based militants, a ceasefire between these groups has taken effect and seems to be mostly holding, thus fa…


One Sentence News / August 8, 2022

Chinese and Taiwanese warships shadow each other as drills due to endSummary: Four days of Chinese military drills came to a scheduled close, yesterday, in the wake of a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan—a visit that was welcomed by the Taiwane…


One Sentence News / August 5, 2022

Bank of England hikes interest rates and warns UK to enter recession with inflation to pass 13%Summary: The Bank of England has said that the UK's economy will shrink from the final quarter of 2022 through 2023, its GDP will fall by 2.1%, and consumer price i…


One Sentence News / August 4, 2022

Kansas voters reject anti-abortion constitutional amendmentSummary: In the first state-level vote on abortion rights since the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, Kansas voters showed overwhelming support for retaining those rights. Context: This was …


One Sentence News / August 3, 2022

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan vowing US commitment; China enragedSummary: After several days of "will she, won't she" speculation, US House Speaker Pelosi visited Taiwan as part of a larger tour through Asia, kicking up all kinds of diplomatic issues with China in…


One Sentence News / August 2, 2022

Pelosi starts Asian tour with speculation over Taiwan visitSummary: Yesterday, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked off a long-anticipated trip around Asia—part of that anticipation due to her planned meetings with leaders from Singapore, Malaysia, South Kore…


One Sentence News / August 1, 2022

Infrastructure damage hampers flood recovery in KentuckySummary: There were 26 confirmed deaths and 37 people unaccounted for in Kentucky over the weekend, in the wake of massive and devastating flooding in at least three eastern Kentucky counties.Context: Wa…


One Sentence News / July 29, 2022

Manchin, in reversal, agrees to quick action on climate and tax planSummary: This is one of those "big if true" stories, as although it's true in the sense that what's being reported is legitimate, the politician at the center of the story has changed his min…


One Sentence News / July 28, 2022

Fed raises interest rates by 0.75 percentage pointSummary: As predicted, the US Fed has increased its benchmark federal-funds rate to somewhere between 2.25% and 2.5%, which is an increase of three-quarters of a percentage point.Context: Despite being long-an…


One Sentence News / July 27, 2022

Russia says it’ll withdraw from International Space Station after 2024Summary: The head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced yesterday that it will fulfill its current commitments to the International Space Station, but from 2024 onward it will ins…


One Sentence News / July 26, 2022

California’s largest wildfire slows after exploding near YosemiteSummary: California's largest wildfire of 2022 (so far), the Oak Fire, has burned nearly 17,000 acres and threatens thousands of homes and businesses, but has moderated a bit since Sunday, allow…


One Sentence News / July 25, 2022

WHO declares monkeypox a global health emergencySummary: Despite the majority of experts on their advisory committee voting against it, the World Health Organization has declared monkeypox to be a public health emergency of international concern—the same desi…


One Sentence News / July 22, 2022

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss advance to runoff to succeed Boris JohnsonSummary: The former UK finance minister, Rishi Sunak, and current UK Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, will face off in a televised debate on Monday and in a Conservative Party election soon afte…


One Sentence News / July 21, 2022

Biden unveils extreme heat plan but doesn’t declare climate emergencySummary: US President Biden has announced a new batch of initiatives aimed at ameliorating the impacts of climate change throughout the country, but stopped short of announcing a full-blown …


One Sentence News / July 20, 2022

The most destructive forest pest in North America is now in OregonSummary: The emerald ash borer—an invasive beetle that some experts have called the most destructive forest pest in North America—has been discovered in Oregon.Context: This beetle in this part…


One Sentence News / July 19, 2022

UK issues first-ever Red warning for extreme heatwaveSummary: On Friday, the UK government issued its first-ever Red-level extreme-heat warning, which is in effect through today for parts of England, while an Amber-level warning is in effect for parts of Engl…


One Sentence News / July 18, 2022

China’s economy records weakest growth since Wuhan lockdownSummary: China's government reported an annual domestic product expansion rate of .4% in the April to June period, which is their weakest GDP growth since the lockdowns that began in Wuhan and spread …