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Hedge-Fund Singularity - Issue #7

High quality content - no time wasters -keep it short and to the point.Tell it like it is - definitel

Hedge-Fund Singularity

June 23 · Issue #7 · View online
Thoughts, insights, articles and alerts from a global Hedge-Fund manager. Carefully curated by Ori Eyal.

  • High quality content - no time wasters -keep it short and to the point.
  • Tell it like it is - definitely not politically correct.
  • Topics covered: Hedge-Funds, Technological Singularity, Global Geo-Politics & Economics, Value Investing, Trans-humanism, Cyber, The Future of Finance and Humanity…

5 Incredible Charts Proving Apple's Dominance – Vintage Value Investing
10 countries where homosexuality is punished by death
How The Internet Economy Killed Inflation - New Constructs
Creationist and VP Mike Pence...
Whole Foods Market - Most investors who bought between 2012-2015, are going to lose money
New US Russia sanctions bill riles Germany and Austria - BBC News
Fake news
HFS: Fake news from the anti-Israel, anti-facts BBC News.  It sounds like three innocent Palestinians were stabbed in Jerusalem.
The correct headline should read: “Three Palestinian terrorists murder Israeli Police women and are then killed by police”.
Even Donald Trump Jr. called the BBC News out on this.
Hadas Malka - the sweet young woman these terrorist murdered.
While all of Israel is crying and mourning Hadas, the Palestinians (including the terrorists family members) have expressed pride and joy for this “heroic” murder.
WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer] - YouTube
HFS: These are Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman - and her husband. Look at his t-shirt.  If you have not yet seen the new Wonder Woman movie - definitely go see it - its one of the best super hero movies out there.
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