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🤓 Open Voice #168: Facebook new glasses with Voice, Voice tech inventory survey, Lucien Engelen on Voice & older adult care and the Voice Tech master program started

🤓 Open Voice #168: Facebook new glasses with Voice, Voice tech inventory survey, Lucien Engelen on Voice & older adult care and the Voice Tech master program started
By Maarten Lens-FitzGerald • Issue #168 • View online
Guten tag,
I am Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, I assemble the Open Voice Newsletter to help us understand, develop and use the emerging domain of conversational agents, voice, and assistants.
<apologies for sending this late - again -, no excuses>
How are your weeks going? Mine just turned from tranquil to almost insane… In a good way.
Many new projects are in the works while current ones keep going on. Add to that that keynotes and workshops started again. Oh I also am working on a new Podcast series with the Voice workgroup of the DDMA. But that is not what I want to write about.
This Monday I had the privilege to talk at an event for a original Dutch company. Over 100 people attended digitally and they heard a new story. It wasn’t an introduction to Voice. No, it was a story about what to expect now that they had begun. From pilot to operation, to maturation and scaling.
My friend Hans van Dam, founder of the Conversation Design Institute, had an insightful model that helped me and the organization understand how to look at the integration level of Conversational AI from various angles. It is based on the Integral Theory by Ken Wilber which I read a lot about. What I so liked is that it helps you see that what you are trying to understand from different angles: mindset, skillset, culture, and systems. For the collective, the individual as well as from the interior and the exterior. All together giving you a complete view of the situation.
Imagine, when you want to see how much you weigh, that the scale not only tells you your weight but also giving you an insight where you stand on awareness about how to eat well and making this (skill set), having the tools (air fryer - systems), supporting environment (friends and family - culture) and how you yourself experience it and (want to) act on it (I need to lose weight and am doing intermittendfasting - mindset). All measured on incomparison to what the market (the others are doing).
Ok, what I just tried to explain needs way more eloquence and examples to do it justice. But if you read it again, it may make sense. 8-)
Apart from this great find (for which I need Hans to join me on a Voicelunch soon!) I am happy that now we are talking about how to integrate Voice more in the organization. It means slowly and steadily, the channel of Voice is growing up.
Ok, now back to the regular program
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Hands-on with Facebook and Ray-Ban’s $299 camera glasses #Shorts
Hands-on with Facebook and Ray-Ban’s $299 camera glasses #Shorts
Health Innovation thought leader and executive Lucien Engelen shares his thoughts on Voice and older adult care
Is voice the new interface for older adult care?
Is voice the new interface for older adult care?
Library - University of Groningen
Open by Design: The new MSc Voice Technology @CampusFryslan is unique in Europe: cutting-edge and interdisciplinary in its approach to speech technologies and fully committed to #OpenScience principles.

Our interview with @mlcoler, Director of the MSc:
That’s it for this week, I’ll be back next Monday (really 8-) with a new edition of the Open Voice newsletter.
— Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
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