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Cryptocommerce Vol. 9

Cryptocommerce Vol. 9
By OpenSea • Issue #9 • View online
The ninth edition of Cryptocommerce is here! The team’s biggest news is that the ENS short name auctions have resumed. Now’s your chance to bid on your favorite 3 - 6 character ENS name.
The last month has been very busy with the team traveling overseas to speak at the Tokyo Blockchain Game Conference, and most recently Devcon 5. Stay tuned for footage of CEO Devin Finzer speaking on how NFTs are opening up the digital game economy.

On the feature front, we are excited to announce a new bidding option on auctions! You can now bid lower than the current highest bid, leaving an opportunity to win an auction if the top bidder can’t cover their bid. In addition to this, we have added a caution indicator (⚠️) to show you when the top bidder is overcommitted on auctions and by the amount currently held in their wallet.
Important note for ENS auctions: The ENS team has noticed some bidders using excessively high bids on short name auctions to discourage bidding and bypass OpenSea’s anti-sniping provisions. Please be aware that ENS reserves the right to accept the high bid on an auction at any time - and will do so if we believe a bid is unlikely to be exceeded before the end of the auction. Please only place bids you would be happy to have accepted.
New feature 🎁 + tip 🎩: you can bid for less than the top bid on OpenSea auctions in case the top bidder can't cover their bid. And now OpenSea will show you when the top bidder is overcommitted!
New projects and collaborations
Ethereum Name Service (ENS): 3-6 character .ETH names ongoing
Somnium Space:  Explore the VR world
Kingdoms Beyond: A multiplayer RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain
Dolli - Welcome to the Pizzaverse!
Reading and viewing
How we resolved the issues with the ENS short-name auctions
Not Just a Novelty: NFT Volumes May Be Bigger Than You Think | Crypto Briefing
We have made it easier for @KnownOrigin_io collectors to transfer ownership and trade on @opensea - This is now live!
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