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Cryptocommerce Vol. 5

Cryptocommerce Vol. 5
By OpenSea • Issue #5 • View online
It’s been an exciting past 4 weeks, so take a deep breath and let’s dive into the deep end at OpenSea! First up, blockchain week! The team went to Consensus 2019, Token Summit IV, and spoke at Ethereal Summit New York on the state of NFTs.

Ethereum Name Service turns 300,000+ .ETH domain names into NFTs. Check out the Medium article on how you can trade your domain on OpenSea, even if it has emojis in it 🤓.
Hollywood movies? On the blockchain? Film buffs unite as Deadpool 2 and Trailers From Hell collectibles are now available for purchase.
OpenSea gets a name change. Twitter was kind enough to support us in becoming @opensea, so please make sure to tag us appropriately.
Ever want to sell your NFTs in a virtual world? Well, now you can on CryptoVoxels! Click the tweet below to check out a live purchase that took only seconds to complete:
If you haven’t checked out CryptoVoxels yet and want to explore, be sure to look out for OpenSea’s Shop. (Work in progress).
New projects and collaborations
Open Sea welcomes F1® Delta Time and the record breaking pre-sale of 1-1-1!
The team behind CryptoKitties launches Cheeze Wizards
ENS domains are now NFTs
Catch a piece of movie history on the blockchain with "Trailers From Hell"
Deadpool 2 collectibles brought to you by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment
Start creating and trading memes with Memefactory
Footbattle hits OpenSea
OpenSea Welcomes Nifty Football!
Reading and viewing
How to Create your own Marketplace on OpenSea in Three Minutes or Less
How to buy and sell crypto collectibles
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