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OGC Update - November 2019


OGC Update

November 8 · Issue #8 · View online
The quarterly update from OGC concerning the latest happenings from the organization and its members.

Welcome to the third OGC Update for 2019.
Plenty of exciting news in this edition: the first of our OGC APIs published; the wrap-up from our Banff TC Meeting; our upcoming TC/PC Meeting in Toulouse, France, which will include an Augmented Reality (AR) Summit, and a meeting of the Europe Forum; datum modernization; the Open Portrayal Framework; ‘apps to the data’ infrastructure; the spatial age of computing; and more!
And don’t forget: Our Location Powers: Data Science event happens next week in Mountain View, CA. If you can’t make it, but are interested in the outcomes and follow-on activities, sign up using this contact form.

Trevor Taylor's wrap-up of the Banff TC Meeting
Banff in Alberta, Canada, provided a stunning backdrop for the meeting
Banff in Alberta, Canada, provided a stunning backdrop for the meeting
Another memorable Technical Committee (TC) Meeting (our 112th) was held in September, this time at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff, Canada. The setting was, to say the least, spectacular. The meeting saw 130 attendees with key standards leaders and regional experts from industry, academia, and government getting together to exchange ideas, share expertise, and, of course, get to know each other a little better.
Special sessions were held for Sharing Data in Agriculture, the Canada Forum and the Business Value Committee. There was also a SensorThings and Internet of Things (IoT) Summit. Ad hoc meetings were held to consider creating Standards Working Groups (SWGs) for OGC API – Catalogue as well as an Environmental Data Pattern Retrieval API standard.
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Current OGC Initiatives
3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot: The Call for Participation for the 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot has been released and is due 9 December 2019
3D IoT Platform for Smart Cities Pilot: The 3D IoT Platform for Smart Cities Pilot is underway and will continue through March. This initiative will advance the use of open standards such as CityGML, IndoorGML, and the SensorThings API to integrate environmental, building, and internet of things (IoT) data in smart cities. While the deadline for responses to the Call for Participation (CFP) has passed, offers of in-kind contributions will still be considered. Please direct inquiries to
Combined Disasters Resilience 2019 & GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot: The initiative has completed and the video results have been posted on OGC’s YouTube channel, focusing on end-to-end wildfire, hurricane, landslides, and agriculture and food security scenarios, including the prototyping of a health SDI for disasters.
H2020 CYBELE: Kick-off meeting occurred in January in Barcelona. 
H2020 DEMETER: Project started on 1st September and the Kick-off meeting took place in Waterford, Ireland.
H2020 DataBio: DataBio is in its final phase and we are busy developing a book chapter that describes the applications-to-the-data architecture for Earth observation image processing developed over the last three years.
H2020 NextGEOSS: NextGEOSS is working on its sustainability after the end of the project in June 2020. The NextGEOSS partners are supporting Opensearch as a good option for  API for GEOSS. NextGEOSS and E-SHAPE are co-organizing a webinar to raise awareness on the compliance tools as good means to get all the benefits from standards implementations. 
H2020 E-SHAPE: the 4-year E-SHAPE project began in May, 2019. The goal is not to build a new platform but to develop 27 pilots leveraging previous European investments including Copernicus and existing platforms and improving user uptake of the data and GEO assets. The project will produce some best practices based on lessons learned. 
Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot:  Findings and recommendations were presented at the Public Safety Broadband Stakeholders Meeting. The Engineering Report is available here.
Interoperable Gaming and Simulation Plugfest: OGC will work with the Khronos Group and Working Groups in the OGC to advance interoperability of systems using CDB, 3D Tiles, and glTF. The CFP will be released at the end of January 2020. Ideas for the sprints will be captured in the public GitHub Repository.
Maritime Limits and Boundaries Pilot: The pilot sponsored by Geoscience Australia, the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Natural Resources Canada, and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office is going into Phase 2. Interim results such as a GML application schema for S-121 was advanced. Phase 2 will focus on extensions of the S-121, tools to adhere to the United Nations Convention for the Law of the Sea, and integration to Spatial Data Infrastructures. 
Mixed Reality to the Edge Concept Development Study: The final report is close to being released.
Routing API Pilot: The Routing API Pilot has completed. Seven participants worked feverishly on different types of routes and data sets to complete the Pilot by the September deadline. The final video results can be found on the OGC YouTube Channel.
Second Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment (SELFIE): The Kickoff meeting took place April 29. The activity is continuing to move ahead at light speed.
Smart City Interoperability Reference Architecture (SCIRA): The SCIRA Pilot is underway and will continue through the end of the year. This initiative is being sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science & Technology (S&T). The purpose is to advance smart-city standards and develop open, interoperable designs for incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) sensors into city services. The City of St. Louis, Missouri will host several of the Pilot activities, which are being performed by eight OGC member participants. An Engineering Report is expected to be published in 1st Quarter 2020.
Testbed 14: The Testbed-14 Engineering Reports (ERs) have been published and are available at the OGC Public Engineering Report Repository.
Testbed 15: Initiative execution is underway and will continue through December. 
Testbed-16: The OGC annual Testbed 2020, is closed for requirements. Expect call for participation later this year.
UGAS-2019: UGAS has completed most specification work and is now busy implementing the enhanced model conversion and transformation rules. Keep your eyes peeled for the UGAS-2020 Call For Participation coming soon.
Vector Tiles Pilot Phase 2: The Call for Participation for the Vector Tiles Pilots Phase 2 has been closed and will be kicking off November 14.
Latest Press Releases
First of new OGC APIs approved as an OGC standard: OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core
GeoTIFF v1.1 adopted as an OGC Standard
OGC adopts Two Dimensional Tile Matrix Set standard
OGC Pilot Initiative seeks to mature standards-based “Applications to the Data” architecture; funding available for participants
OGC invites responses to its 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot Call For Participation; funding available for participants
OGC invites you to its Augmented Reality Summit in Toulouse, France
Upcoming Events
Location Powers: Data Science
November '19 OGC TC/PC Meetings - Toulouse, France
OGC November 2019 AR Summit
OGC UK & Ireland Forum
March 2020 Technical and Planning Committee Meetings - Asia
Newly Certified Products
The following companies have had one or more products (re)certified compliant with OGC standards since the August issue of OGC Update:
  • ASTER S.p.A.
  • CmWorld co., Ltd.
  • CubeWerx
  • Demis BV
  • eSpatial
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • interactive instruments GmbH
  • rasdaman GmbH
  • SAP SE
  • VizExperts
Click for the full-size infographic outlining our recent Banff TC!
Click for the full-size infographic outlining our recent Banff TC!
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