OGC Update

The quarterly update from OGC concerning the latest happenings from the organization and its members.

The quarterly update from OGC concerning the latest happenings from the organization and its members.

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OGC Update - December 2019

Athina Trakas offers her summary of the November 2019 Technical Committee meetings, held in the beautiful city of Toulouse, France.Special sessions were held for the Europe Forum, an Augmented Reality Summit, an ad hoc meeting with the World Wide Web Consorti…


OGC Update - November 2019

Another memorable Technical Committee (TC) Meeting (our 112th) was held in September, this time at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff, Canada. The setting was, to say the least, spectacular. The meeting saw 130 attendees with key standards lead…


OGC Update - August 2019

The recent 111th OGC Technical Committee (TC) Meeting was one of our biggest, with more than 280 people attending, including key standards leaders and regional experts from industry, academia, and government. The Meeting was held at the House of the Province …


OGC Update - March 2019

First of all, thank you for subscribing to our OGC Update newsletter! Before we start, would you do me a favor and share the link with a colleague, friend, or family member who’s not familiar with OGC? I have had some of the most fascinating conversations tal…


OGC Update - December 2018

2018 was another productive year for OGC, as well as a year of adaptation to a rapidly changing global location information and technology marketplace. I am writing to share with you a few of our major accomplishments in 2018.Read the full post at: opengeospa…


OGC Update - October 2018

After 7 years, an OGC Technical Committee (TC) meeting has again come to Germany, this time from the 10-13 September in Stuttgart - more or less the backyard I grew up in. More than 200 people attended our 108th TC Meeting, held at and hosted by the Hochschul…


OGC Update - August 2018

After almost 18 years with OGC, 14 years as President, I plan to transition to part-time work with OGC early next year. In my new capacity, I will focus on strategic opportunity development in the areas of membership value and growth, and the advancement of k…


OGC Update - June 2018

DataBioDisasters Interoperability Concept Development Study (Disasters CDS)Geospatial to the Edge Interoperability Plugfest (GeoEdgePlugfest)Testbed 14 (T14)Smart City Interoperability Reference Architecture (SCIRA)


OGC Update - December 2017

2017 was an exciting year for OGC, welcoming our first Community Standards, as well as successful initiatives related to some of the geospatial industry's biggest growth areas. OGC's President and CEO, Mark Reichardt, has penned a blog post outlining the year…