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Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #5

Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #5
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Hi all!
I haven’t used this platform in a while, but let’s say that’s because I’ve been busy! Over the past year I’ve been working on a new company, Rarebase, to help find drugs for people with rare genetic disorders that currently don’t have any options. Below you can see some articles that illustrate that journey so far. Last week we announced our new drug discovery platform (we call it “Function”) targeting neurological diseases (causing e.g. epilepsy, autism, developmental delay and neurodegeneration) collaborating with 15+ patient organizations to find drugs for each disorder.
I have always been grateful for the opportunity for my personal rare disease experience to try and help many others dealing with similar problems. There’s no other industry where #teamwork is so important as in healthcare. New technologies, greater awareness, patient involvement and all the other mission driven people involved in this space generates hope for a better future.

The Champion for Rare Disease Cures - NEO.LIFE
Rarebase launches a neuroscience drug discovery platform collaborating with 15 rare disease patient organizations
What does it mean to find a “cure” for a disease?
Translating science into therapies, for one or for many.
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Newsletter of Onno Faber

Newsletter of Onno Faber

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