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Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #4

First of all, happy new decade! 🚀🎉🍾 With your help and support, I look forward to continue working wi
Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #4
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First of all, happy new decade! 🚀🎉🍾
With your help and support, I look forward to continue working with a community of innovators to work on difficult but pressing problems together. Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Below are my thoughts on transitioning to the 2020’s. Let’s make them count! (You can read this post on Medium if you prefer)
It’s that time of the year, the 2010’s are history and this year we’re looking into a new decade. As the clock steadily slides towards the end of ’19, we get an opportunity to reflect on last year and simultaneously look ahead and set our intentions for the time to come. Even though we can do this at any given moment of any day, for me this has been a yearly ritual. And this year is special, because in addition to the year, we get a chance to look ahead into the entire 2020’s. The projects we need to embark on, both as individuals as well as a species, often have longer timelines anyway. For example, we have an opportunity to improve our environment towards sustainability, enhance our healthcare system and therapeutics for all humankind, or strengthen the relationships in our personal life. I invite you to join me right now, and think about your long term intentions.
Ask yourself: What do you really want?
Reflecting on the past allows us to be grateful for the good moments we had, such as the people around us. It also allows us to reflect on our mistakes, or appreciate the things we did well. Moving forward, this allows us to incorporate our learnings — and dig deeper into what we really want to do, if we weren’t limited by our own fears and anxieties. If we take a step back, we may see where we need to break from our usual comfortable patterns and take some risks. Why not take some time to allow yourself to write down what you really want, shamelessly and fearlessly, and how you would like to direct your attention?
Setting intentions isn’t the same thing as setting goals. They need to be well defined, but in a more loose way. We can’t know how things are going to manifest exactly, as an individual we just don’t have that kind of power. But we can choose how we want to show up and use our energy, and why we want to use it that way. We should express our intentions in a way that we’re in full control. You could say, “I want to spend 3 hours a week writing or working out”, for example. This is completely doable and for the most part in your own hands. The “why” could be, “I want to stay physically active and fit my entire life, because that makes me feel better”. Or maybe “I want to express my inner dialogue, and put it out there for others to see”.
Program your own future decision making
A personal example, at the start of ’19 I felt I wanted to share more of my thoughts, ideas and personal journey. My intention was not to get likes on social media, but to allow whoever is listening to hear what I have to say, and to involve others to start a bigger dialogue and maybe even create a community. I set this intention, knowing that it would take me to go out of my comfort zone. I had to set this intention to push me over the edge and conquer everything that’s in my way of doing this. Barriers include fears of being judged, opening yourself up by being vulnerable and authentic, or even not knowing precisely what topics I’d be covering. Those uncertainties can be overcome by taking this time of the year to sit down and be honest to yourself. By doing this you’re programming your future decision making. What is it you really want? Can you be clear about your intentions of what you want to manifest? Can you formulate it in a way that you’re completely in control of it?
Let’s create some positive change together
I have a lot to be grateful for in the last year. I’ve met and connected with many wonderful people. I helped grow and build a company I founded. I helped doing research in a lab that works on my genetic condition, and learned a ton about medical research. I had the honor of giving a TEDx talk in San Francisco. And yes, I actually did start writing, vlogging and keynote speaking a lot more than I used to. I believe that as human beings we can do great things, if we work together with aligned intentions. Maybe we don’t know exactly where we’re going, but we only need to know enough to march forward.
Recently I started several new projects to go after drug development in rare disease, and in the next year I’m going to build them out further. In the next decade, I want to continue launching projects, companies and help build better systems to accelerate drug development. As a patient, I’m incredibly grateful to work on these problems and to have found so many open doors along the way. We’re going to make progress, with enough people being intentional about this work, intentional about teamwork, intentional about stepping out of our comfort zones and make the occasional risky decisions. As a species we have another opportunity to make lots of positive change in the 2020’s, and it starts right here, with you.
– Onno

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