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Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #2

Newsletter of Onno Faber - Issue #2
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I’m preparing for my upcoming TedX talk in San Francisco. It’s an honor to be invited there, and it also forces me to ask myself a lot of questions. What kind of idea do I think is worth spreading? What do I want to leave the audience with? And what is it that I personally know a lot about that I can share? How is this going to impact patients, researchers, and drug developers that may listen, or someone that’s neither of those? If you’re based in San Francisco, hopefully I’ll see you there at the 3rd of October! ➡️ (if not, stay tuned because the talk is going to be online at some point)
The second NF Hackathon happened
In a few words: I loved the event, more than I could imagine. It’s a perfect counterpart to a traditional research conference. Hundred people in the same room, no other agenda than the problem itself, which in this case, is a bunch of rare genetic diseases. We had great organization, lots of data, knowledgable mentors, and an excited crowd of hackers, bio, tech and biotech. I posted some moments in a video, and I’ll share more talks soon on my Youtube channel.
I really hope the concept of research hackathons –centered around real human issues– become “a thing”. The key is to bring people in the same room with different professional backgrounds. It is remarkable how rare these opportunities are, and how easy it is to add value that way. And this is important. Because problems don’t solve themselves, people do.
Keep hacking,

NF Hackathon 2 - keep hacking!
NF Hackathon 2 - keep hacking!
Our Second Hackathon For NF — SVAI
Hacking a Cure (Video) - 2017 (video from the first hackathon)
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Newsletter of Onno Faber

Newsletter of Onno Faber

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