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Quick Takes on Buff's Season Opener

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Quick Takes on Buff's Season Opener
By TrevMon • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the second issue for a quick take on the upcoming season opener this Friday night.

Opening Week, Buffs host UNC
Camp Retrospective:
  • Work, Visualize, Believe see video clip
  • QB plot thickens, from high floor in Spring (Noyer, Shrout, Lewis), to three freshman QBs
  • Situation at tackle is improving
  • Landman is recovered
Things I am looking for in week 1:
  • All eyes on Brendon Lewis, is he a superhero?
  • Defensive scheme under Chris Wilson
Players I am looking forward to seeing:
  • Remember the last time we played TAM.
  • Other QBs, Drew Carter, Jordon Woolverton - I will rest easier if they look the part
  • Nate Landman
  • New LBs Robert Barnes, Jack Lamb
  • Chris Miller
  • Not much to go on
  • New head coach, Eric Macaffrey and coaching staff
  • Several Power 5 transfers UM, TCU, WSU
Prospective re-visited:
  • Nationally ranked schedule - 9th toughest according to Phil Steele and ESPN
  • Ceiling is 10 wins, 6 wins is success
  • Glad to get back to the live college experience, Folsom field is special
Here is a link to the note in podcast form
Opening Week Note
Camp retrospective:
  • The QB situation: From a high floor in May to bottom dropping out. 3 freshman QBs
  • Tackle outlook is improving: Max Wray and Frank Filip (injured) are starters the emergence of Jake Wiley, reinforcements from Chance Lytle, and Joshua Jynes
Things I will be looking for in the Opener:
  • Clean performance
  • Defensive Scheme - disruptive one-gap
  • See back-up QBs to rest easier
  • See some smoke screen looks (Neil)
Position Play I will be looking for:
  • All eyes on Brendon Lewis
  • QB back-ups getting in Drew Carter, hopefully Jordon Woolverton
  • New guys - Robert Barnes, Jack Lamb, Max Wray,
  • Chris Miller - will he be a factor
  • Joshka Gustav, Guy Thomas, Jamar Mongomery
UNC Notes:
  • Buff enter unscouted game
  • New coach Eric Macaffrey, new cast of mostly HS coaches
  • Several Power 5 transfers 2 UM, Four former CU players, TCU, WSU
Outlook revisited: 
  • One of the top 10 difficult schedules - 9th ESPN and PS
  • Upside 10 wins, 6 wins, floor 4
  • Great to be back Folsom experience 
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By TrevMon

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