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CU vs Texas A&M, Pre-game Notes

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CU vs Texas A&M, Pre-game Notes
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Folsom field shined under the Friday night lights in the opener against the University of Northern Colorado. The atmosphere was electric, the Band was back, the students showed out in record breaking fashion, and Ralphie VI made her debut.
CU had a decisive but less than spectacular performance. They entered as heavy favorites against UNC, an FCS opponent, but had a slow start, problems with penalties, and issues with pass blocking and tackling. See CU-UNC post-game note for more.
This week, the Buffs will be a heavy underdog (+17 points) against Texas A&M, who won their home opener against Kent State 42-10.

At a Glance: Texas A&M
  • Legit BCS playoff and national title contender
  • Ranked 6th in the AP poll; CFB Edge: 92 power ranking, 8th nationally
  • Loaded, and re-loaded with talent. 2-deep is comprised pretty much of players with 4/5 star ratings. Eight position groups rank in Phil Steele’s top ten; CFB Winning Edge ranks TAM roster strength as 86/17th nationally vs CU 81/69th nationally
  • 6 starters on return on Offense, 9 on Defense
  • Players to watch: Haynes King, Fr; Q Isaiah Spiller (RB) is one of the top ranked backs in the nation; Jaylen Wydermyer (TE) is strong and fast; the receiving core is loaded and led by Caleb Chapman (#81), and Ainias Smith (#00), a converted RB playing in the slot who had a few TDs last week. Defensively, Jaydon Peevy (DL, #92); DeMarvin Leal (#8, first team SEC), Myles Jones (DB) and Aaron Hansford (LB, #33) all have high-level player performance ratings (Winning Edge).
  • According to Pro-football focus focus, TAM had OVR rating of 83 pff (which is solid). CU had OVR rating of 77. Their strongest pff scores were in run protection; lowest in pass blocking (4o);
For the Buffs to compete...
  1. Prime the passing game: Get Brendon Lewis and the wide receivers going early with high percentage plays that build momentum and confidence; expect playbook to include more run-pass option, play action, roll-outs
  2. Bring the Pressure: Texas A&M pass blocking was one chink in armor (Lang, Wells, Guy Thomas, Gustav, Sami)
  3. Gas’m: Smart tempo, maybe slow early but faster when we have the opportunity to make their defense feel the altitude, burning lungs and heavy legs in 3rd and 4th qtr.
  4. Strong start: move the chains early with balanced ground game and passing game, force a turnover, make a play on special teams, an strike first on the scoreboard.
  5. Defend the inside passing lanes: Wydermyer (TE) is a problem with his size and speed, and Ainias Smith (WR) is dangerous from the slot. Look for Buff to use their Safety and Dime package, i.e. Chris Miller, Mark Perry, Isiah Lewis along with LBs Robert Barnes, Quinn Perry, Joshka Gustav, Marvin Ham, and Jack Lamb to keep the TAM inside tandem in check, at least limit their explosive plays.
Bottom Line: Those Buff pro prospects who want to impress the scouts will be extra motivated to put on a top performance because this will be one of those games that shows how they match-up with other pro prospects.
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