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CU Football - Alas, the bye week

CU Football - Alas, the bye week
By TrevMon • Issue #8 • View online
Nate Landman on the buy week: “It is kind of like a timeout. You reassess everything, look back and see what you can improve on and look to the future”.

Takeaways to Date
  • Biggest Pain Points: QB room is not ready to perform at P5 level. Two statistics (1) Time To Through (3.28) combined with (2) poor pass protection (PBLK =59.1 as a unit) are telling. Individual Tackle PFF grades are especially poor (anything below 50 is considered poor): Max Wray (49); Frank Fillip (22.5); Jake Wiley (35.7); GCL (52.9)
  • Poor protection means that opposing defenses can get consistent pressure without blitzing, leaving more players to drop back in coverage to clog passing lanes and to prevent long scrambles
  • Poor passing is compromising running attack: Buffs are facing 7 and 8 men in the box and corners coming up for run support.
  • Safety Play is Below Average: Perry, Isiah Lewis
  • Run Defense is also trending down: (54); Tackling (52)
  • Bright Spot: Pass coverage at the corner positions is excellent, Blackmon, Bethel, Gonzales are all top performers on D
  • Bright Spot: Special teams is the highest rated position group on PFF, with punter Josh Watts having a banner year
  • Karl Dorrell gave coaches a bye week mandate to the coaches to talk with each player and identify attributes of their game that need improvement.
  • QB: I think we need to get better at reads and decision making, improve the TTT from 3.28 to below 3
  • Offensive Line: Chemistry, needs to develop. Several injuries have prevented Buffs from practicing together upfront in the off-season.
  • Defensive Line: Look forward to more Mustafa Johnson, Jalen Sami and Lang on the field working together
  • Scheme: Faster developing pass plays; More aggressive run blocking schemes
  • Continuity is needed, give player development a chance: As bad as it is, the key issues need patience as much a coaching changes. Look at OSU success this year, it did not happen overnight.
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