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CU enters conference schedule against ASU

CU enters conference schedule against ASU
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What a difference a week makes. From the jump, the offense continued to be dysfunctional, they gave Minnesota good field position and left our defense on the field way too long.

  • Offense passing is bottoming out -Buff overall Passing Rating (CFB edge) is 124/130, , 127/130 in averaging just 4.3 yrds/pass, and rank 129/130 teams in points per drive. Ineffectiveness on passing game is dampening the running game as well (47th in FBS) as opposing defenses crowd the box.
  • Buff’s Defense is strong - top 25 rankings in important stats like Points/Drive (25th); Yards/Pass (42); Success Rate (22) and EPA/Play (23)
  • Credit to Minnesota - Big and experienced team and they had our number. The executed power game, and kept Buffs off-balance with RPO, misdirection, and found weak spots to keep drives alive
  • Buff O-line played poorly - Colby Purcell was out sick, the Buffs used 10 lineman in the game, including 3 different centers. Max Wray went out with a concussion. Missed assignments, particularly on disguised rushes that started on the edge and went inside untouched.
  • Soft Safety Play - Mark Perry was responsible for 5/98 yrds passing yards. Perry PFF ratings are in the 50s across the board. Lewis is in 50s except for tackles (60s)
  • Only Punt coverage gets high grades according to PFF (PFF grades 85+ is exceptional, 60 = average; <50 = poor) - SPEC (85) punt coverage; PBLK (37.5 vs MN; 41 for season), RNBLK (40 vs MN; Season 67); ; TACK (51.6); RECV(57.3); RUN defense (32 MN) Tackling (32.9 vs MN)
  • QB situation appears dire: Blew is a strong, smooth runner, not particularly quick and elusive. Poor feel for the pocket and pressure, PFF ( TTT 2.92 seconds);
  • Key takeaway - in the last two games, the Buffaloes have scored just seven points. “It is one of those points in the season, given that performance, that we really had to reevaluate everything,” - Karl Dorrell
Arizona State at a Glance
  • Fresh off a disappointing loss to BYU
  • Experienced team, returning 92% of their production, which ranks 9th in FBS
  • Packed with talent, overall Roster strength is 20th in FBS (SFB Winning Edge)
  • Offense: Strongest at QB, Jaydon Daniels can deal it, also fast and elusive; RBs are fast, run downhill (Ngata, White) Offensive Line Kellen Diesch (#74, T); Donovan West
  • Defense: highly rated next level talent (VGA 100) at DL (Tyler Johnson); LB (Merlin Robertson); and DB (Chase Lucas). Back 7 top is a ten unit in FBS (CFB winning edge)
Looking Forward
  • Leave no stone unturned, Brenden Lewis will keep going, but they might try to rotate Drew Carter in to get a including Matt Lynch, Jordon Woolverton, James Mott (second coming of Rick Neuheisel)
  • Time to regress to the mean: We played two tuff opponents back-to-back, and face two more talented teams. Some things are sure to be fixed. The line will stabilize- Colby Purcell will be back, Kary Kutch; Casey Roddick; Kannan Ray; Colby Purcell; Frank Fillip; Max Wray Help. Defensively, need to step it up at Safety, help is on the way on the line (Mustafa).
  • Rome was not built in a day: Minnesota had one of the most experienced teams in CFB, and they have had continuity in key coaching positions. CU is a development program and I believe we have great leadership that is resilient and will deliver a great product in due course.
  • The Pac-12 South is up for grabs, we are not the only programs facing adversity, Utah lost their QB, USC lost there HC, UCLA dropped to Fresno.
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