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Boat-raced in Pasadena, last home stand against UW this week

Boat-raced in Pasadena, last home stand against UW this week
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It was a disappointing 44-20 loss against UCLA. CU’s offense made good moves early to go up 20-7 put the Buffs in contention, but the defense could not slow down UCLA’s offense, and once they stopped stopping themselves, they dizzy. Looking ahead, the CU and Washington.

Post-mortem CU-UCLA
  • Buffs probably had their most productive first half all year. The running attack was
  • Buffs offense performance was average by pro football focus standards (pff 66), although the run game was solid (pff 69) against a good defense in yards allowed per rush run (19th ranked)
  • Buffs Defense struggled against a juggernaut (pff 50)
  • UCLA was not lights out, but effective in all dimensions of the game on both sides of the ball (OVR 75 pff), and opportunistic on short field and special teams.
  • Run blocking was a mixed bag Kutch and Purcell were above average on the interior.
  • Pass Blocking as a team was very poor 39.8, especially out of pure passing sets.
  • Brendon’s pass rating drops precipitously under pressure
  • CU’s defense evidently missed assignments in zone coverage, allowing WR, TE some wide open catches, and QB DTR some wide open lanes to run from passing plays
  • UCLA used Aikido like methods on Buff Defensive front to exploit 1-gap methods to get running game going
  • Kary Kutch, Jarek Broussard, Daniel Arias had good games, Mark Perry, Jack Lamb, Jalen Sami, and some of the young defensive backfield played well
  • Brendan Lewis metrics like time to throw (TTT 2.83) were good, Average Depth of Target was low (ADOT 5.1), but we didn’t take advantage of perceived weakness in there pass defense
  • UCLA looked like a talented team of veterans, hats off to them and I hope they finish strong
Analysis of University of Washingtion
  • Washington has fired Jimmy Lake after fallout from pushing a player
  • UW was in contention for Pac12 title last year and returned most of there talent. Pre-season projections had high expectations, Phil Steele picked UW as surprise team.
  • Top defense in nation defending the pass, corners Trent McDuffie and Kyler Gordon are next level
  • Defense is not so good against the run (87 un avg yrds per run)
  • Longest streak in nation of not allowing more than 35 points going back to 2014
  • Other Defense Carson Bruner (LB) Jackon Sirmon
  • Offense is struggling despite returning every starter
  • Freshman Sam Huard 5 star QB may rotate with Dylan Morris at QB; RB Kamari Pleasant (#24), RB Sean McGrew (#05) and WR Jalen McMillan (#11) are top in terms of offensive production
Comparison the numbers:
  • Strength of Schedule Played: CU: 58 | UW: 34
  • Rank Success Rate Off: CU: 98 | UW: 52
  • Rank Yards Per Play Offense: CU: 88 | UW: 91
  • Rank Yards Per Pass Offense: CU: 90 | UW: 78
  • Rank Yards Per Rush Offense: CU: 71 | UW: 104
  • Rank Pass Success Rate Off: CU: 123 | UW: 39
  • Rank Rush Success Rate Off: CU: 68 | UW: 56
  • Rank Yards Per Play Defense: CU: 81 | UW: 11
  • Rank Yards Per Pass Defense: CU: 79 | UW: 2
  • Rank Yards Per Rush Defense: CU: 93 | UW: 87
  • Rank Success Rate Def: CU: 96 | UW: 88
  • Rank Pass Success Rate Def: CU: 99 | UW: 13
  • Rank Rush Success Rate Def: CU: 87 | UW: 116
Let’s see how Washington responds to coaching change. They are still playing for a bowl.
Key for Buffs
  • Pick on Safeties and LBs in passing game, UW corners are their strength
  • Buff up pass protection, Brendan’s passer rating in clean pocket is 100 vs under pressure 51
  • Get the running game going, make the UW defense feel the burn
Parting Thoughts
Buffs did not exceed expectations this year, in fact it looks like they will be pretty close to several pre-season power rankings (FPI and College Football Edge had them in high 80s low 90s) where they presently stand. As Brian Howell, this will be in the first time in six seasons where they will not be playing for bowl eligibility, and 9 of the last 11 quarters have been pretty good offensively. I still think we need continuity more than disruption. I am not impressed by calls by some fans to stop going to games and calling for coaching changes. I appreciate the pundits like Paul Finnebaum, Matt Barrie, Yogi Roth, Ted Robinson who are speaking out against the firing, short-term culture that is college football.
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