Writer Burnout and Rest: Writing Update #2



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The Human Connection Project
Writer Burnout and Rest: Writing Update #2
By Olivia Anne Gennaro • Issue #9 • View online
pre-moving jitters, aided by caffeine

Welcome to my life.
Welcome to my life.
I come to you again from the land of limbo, as I prepare to move 700+ miles away and just entered the in-between jobs stages of the year.
I am going a little crazy.
I’m hoping finishing up with work this week (Thursday hopefully, Friday at the latest, except for hopefully some freelance contributions) releases a lot of my bottled-up energy that has ballooned into stress about how things just aren’t stable right now because big life changes!
My coping mechanisms are mostly napping and playing the Sims (which I wrote about when I started here), and I ruined that last one by accidentally ageing one of my characters into an elder.
I also, uh, I probably shouldn’t have had that second coffee today, and to be frank I might be veering toward the manic side of my bipolar disorder (but I have medicine!). [Wow, I was afraid to write that…stigma is a monster!]
If you relate to any of this, I see you. If you don’t, I am jealous.
The writing of it all
This. This is my writing. With all the upheaval, I haven’t been able to find any space for creativity. I wanted to pitch or submit some pieces, but the timing just isn’t good with the mood. And, frankly, my day job involved a lot of writing so I’ve burnt myself out. I think I’ve been burnt out since February, to be honest.
This is why rest and space is important for nurturing creativity.
I am exciting to move in with a partner who is also a writer and can work with me on building a sustainable writing practice. I don’t know what that will look like yet. Perhaps I will do morning pages!
The one thing I want to keep myself accountable and to feel less alone is this newsletter. I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m excited to have more mental capacity for writing and also more time.
I’m also missing teaching a lot and I’m so excited to head back to the classroom. September can’t come fast enough.
Recommended Reading
I finally finished The Mirror Season, Anna-Marie McLemore’s 2021 book (I fell behind on their books because I struggled to read for a period of time) and…wow I think this might be my favorite? It is less draped in fantasy and fairy than some of their previous books, but that added an immediacy to the tone that made this more quickly readable to me. Well, except when I just had to emotionally put it down (I made the mistake of taking this to a beach!). Serious trigger warning for sexual assault, though. This is of course about two teens who were assaulted the same night, one who remembers and one who doesn’t. Anyway, as always, read McLemore’s books!!!
Connect and support
The main social media I use is Twitter, but I also have a bookstagram that has been neglected as I have, uh, packed up my books. There’s also my website and the aforementioned Ko-Fi and Patreon for support. I have an idea for my Patreon to go through some old writing, so follow if you’re interested!
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