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Overwhelmed! surrounded by boxes (Writing Life Update #1)

The Human Connection Project
Overwhelmed! surrounded by boxes (Writing Life Update #1)
By Olivia Anne Gennaro • Issue #8 • View online
Let’s try this again

the newsletter revival
I have dabbled in a lot of things this past year, writing-wise. I’ve settled on two things: let myself write whatever I desire, work on my YA project that is important to me, and write about writing online to keep myself from going crazy alone. The latter I’ve bounced around different platforms, but I think I’ve decided to
I haven’t turned on a paid newsletter option for this yet, but as this takes work and moving is expensive, I invite you to support me via Ko-Fi or Patreon :)
Will the Human Connection Project essays return? Possibly this fall when my schedule settles down! But I’m also guarding some media analysis ideas to my chest in case I can pitch them to other outlets, which is my ultimate goal. We shall see.
But the “Human Connection Project” I still like as a title for this newsletter because that is what I’m doing here–sending out messages in the hope of connecting with others going through similar things.
Long story short: I am moving across the country in a month. I am moving in with my wonderful partner. At this point, everything is pretty set in stone…but I still have to work and prepare a lot of things, including packing. At this point, I’m not sure I can pack much more until it gets closer, which stresses me out and doesn’t keep me constantly playing mind Tetris with what I can fit in boxes and when. And I am not particularly great at executive function.
Olivia Anne
I made more progress with packing but my brain is now constantly playing Tetris trying to figure out what to put in which boxes and when
Last weekend, I may have actually stumbled upon a saving grace: writing. Remember that? The thing I want to do all the time but am too busy or overwhelmed to start most days? Well, I went back to reread the beginning of a novel (which I meant to do a month ago) that I had paused for the last year but it had worked my way back to me. And I ended up generating more ideas of plot points to improve the narrative!
I want to declare a goal to finish the first draft by the end of August, but with what is looming ahead for me…that seems over-ambitious and stressful. Or maybe it can be a loose goal? One that motivates me but doesn’t cause me to be more overwhelmed? The jury’s still out, but I will keep you posted.
Right now, I think this newsletter will be my regular writing practice. Future issues I’m sure will be more in-depth, but right now, I just wanted to send out a little message. It keeps me grounded. And then, I think I will write more on my YA project. More on that next time.
Recommended Reading
I am almost done listening to Hannah Gadsby’s Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation, and I’m really loving it. You definitely should watch her special Nanette on Netflix first. The scope of the memoir is both deeper and beyond the scope of Nanette, and yet it is also ostensibly about all the things in her life that coalesced into it. I particularly love the integration of Tasmanian history (surrounding gay rights especially) and her examination of her own brain: the ADHD, autism, depression, and anxiety. It is perhaps the most thorough depiction of autism I’ve read. (I suppose I will forgive her for only giving Please Like Me a paragraph.)
Connect and support
The main social media I use is Twitter, but I also have a bookstagram that has been neglected as I have, uh, packed up my books. There’s also my website and the aforementioned Ko-Fi andPatreon for support.
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