The Human Connection Project

By Olivia Anne Gennaro

Updates from writer Olivia Anne Gennaro. Exploring how the cultural tissue of storytelling in various mediums brings us together.

Updates from writer Olivia Anne Gennaro. Exploring how the cultural tissue of storytelling in various mediums brings us together.

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Writer Burnout and Rest: Writing Update #2

I come to you again from the land of limbo, as I prepare to move 700+ miles away and just entered the in-between jobs stages of the year.I am going a little crazy.I'm hoping finishing up with work this week (Thursday hopefully, Friday at the latest, except fo…


Overwhelmed! surrounded by boxes (Writing Life Update #1)

I have dabbled in a lot of things this past year, writing-wise. I've settled on two things: let myself write whatever I desire, work on my YA project that is important to me, and write about writing online to keep myself from going crazy alone. The latter I'v…


My Sims Started Mirroring My Life | The Human Connection Project #7

Yeah, I took a week off part because I spent way too much time on this week's subject, but also because I just needed to listen to my body and brain and rest. I recommend resting!


Audiobooks Are Keeping Me Going | The Human Connection Project #6

Kidding. I want to write beyond the actual texts I've listened to, but there will be a list at the end.My audiobook listening has really ramped up this past year and now they've become the majority of the books I've finished. Some of this is practical: I've s…


Foundation's Hope and Doom for Humanity's Long Life | The Human Connection Project #5

Sci-fi TV shows used to be a cornerstone in my life. It all started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad, then Doctor Who took over my life, then The X-Files, then Fringe. But since I've started college, my time and attention for serious hour-l…


The Power of the Feel-Good: The Human Connection Project #4

You know when you just really enjoy something and it feels special and precious and you don't want to think too much more about it? That's me this weekend with Everybody's Talking About Jamie, the movie adaptation of the hit West End musical that was finally …


We Come From Away: The Human Connection Project #3

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The music that's gotten me through this year | The Human Connection Project - Issue #2

Music has intersected with my life three times this week. First, my copy of James Acaster's Perfect Sound Whatever came in. I knew Acaster first as an offbeat comedian (you may have seen his Netflix specials, or his chaotic run on Taskmaster, both recommended…


On Not Book Blogging This Year: The Human Connection Project #1

So...I've had a year. And despite more time on my hands, I've read significantly less than usual and shied away from my usual blog. I'm actually in the middle of like 8 books right now or something equally ridiculous?There are three ARC (advanced reader's cop…