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Welcome to this issue of OWL(Olivia's Weekly Intelligence). You guys are great! I am seeing that you'

Olivia's Weekly

July 27 · Issue #3 · View online
The latest news in tech, marketing, and what was actually interesting in tech and culture curated by @oliviameng from New York

Welcome to this issue of OWL(Olivia’s Weekly Intelligence). You guys are great! I am seeing that you’re clicking and reading the articles.
This week I have learned a lot about user acquisition, email marketing, and personalization. ✌️
Read: Are we reaching the ending point of Internet startups? It could be. 
There are only so many things you can do with a web browser or a smartphone, and maybe companies like Google, Facebook, and Snap have already locked down the most important markets. Companies have gotten better at controlling and locking down key parts of the internet’s infrastructure, closing off paths that early internet companies used to reach a mass market. 
So we need to go above and beyond.
New employee onboarding? how about implementing microchip into your hand, so you can buy food, log into your computer, open the door etc…
What would be on-demand in the future and Twitter hasn’t added a single new user in last quarter. Send me the growth ideas & hacks. I am trying to grow this tiny letter as well🙋
I always love hearing from you guys, feel free to forward this and reply anything to me. 📈
See you on the internet! 👀

The end of the internet startup - Vox
A Wisconsin company will let employees use microchip implants to buy snacks and open doors - The Verge
BBC - Future - 10 grand challenges we'll face by 2050
Twitter added zero users last quarter - Recode
The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood - The New York Times
Juicero, the $399 internet-connected juicer, explained - Vox
So just dance this weekend
Be the last person on dance floor🎤
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