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Issue #11 ūü¶Ą social impact consulting - Happy Pro-Bono!

Hello and welcome to Olivia's Weekly on Sunday night.  In this week's issue, let's see the best pract

Olivia's Weekly

October 9 · Issue #11 · View online
The latest news in tech, marketing, and what was actually interesting in tech and culture curated by @oliviameng from New York

Hello and welcome to Olivia’s Weekly on Sunday night. 
In this week‚Äôs issue, let‚Äôs see the best practices of push notifications from today‚Äôs top mobile apps, then watch and learn how to decode your ex‚Äôs Venmo charges.¬†ūüíł
If you are stuck somewhere in your career, take some career advice from founders, investors, and world-changing leaders on Product Hunt live chats. It looks amazing as always. 
As I went to Newhouse School, Syracuse University for my undergraduate. I want to recommend reading New York Times profile on S.I Newhouse, who is the founder of Advance Publications and the long-time publisher of Conde Nast.  S.I. Newhouse passed away last week. The last 20 years has been a gut-check time for media owners, especially for magazine publishers. S.I Newhouse did not corrupt the New Yorker, instead, he preserved and saved it. 
Finally, here is the final update about my Pro-Bono Tech Project.
I officially completed 5-weeks program designed by New York City Civic Hall Labs. My team was killing it. During the final week, we dedicated almost 15 hours a week (except¬†our 9-5 jobs). We created and delivered 45 pages social media manual book to our non-profit partner.¬†ūüéČ
So what I’ve actually learned:
  • use Trello board to manage workflow
  • create a cool product statement
  • Listen to others
  • find the where the problems are
  • moonshot is good and exciting
  • have a concrete plan
  • agile process
  • run a meeting
  • be stress-free¬†
  • be a good team player means caring about people
  • When the project is going into a wrong direction, gently say it, then step away¬†
  • ask people to do the hard things, let them own it.
  • your opinion is as good as mine, and you can‚Äôt put our opinions in boxes

want to know more about it? Scroll down to the bottom. 

Until the next week,



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S.I. Newhouse Jr., Unlikely Savior of The New Yorker - The New York Times
Olivia in Real Life - Pro-Bono Experience
We made it then we delivered it. 
I think this concludes my first Pro-Bono experience. In this 5 weeks programs, I have learned so much about the public sector, either on products, organizational structure, or people.  My role as the product manager is to manage expectations from our partners and keep the team motivated. The program already found really smart people for you. When the program began, I needed to figure out the best way to work with smart people. 
I believe that a good product was built by people who really enjoy doing what they do. They are not scared of failing on small things, so they keep doing interesting things. When we started the project, I didn’t want to frame ideas in a box. With that said, I could be very hands-off at some point. I assigned the tasks but could have checked more often with them to see how did the feel. I could understand better how would they like to be supported.
Talking with the program director who helps PMs moving projects forward, I learned other team’s PMs set very specific goals even the numbers of slides that each person needed to work on. I didn’t plan to be that specific. 
The final week was the most productive week. First, we had all hands on the deck. Everyone was making great efforts to finish the works. No more scheduling conflict. Second, we met with the non-profit partner UNH and received a significant amount of confidence and supports from them. Before the presentation day, we wrapped it up around midnight. Then we had 2 hours meeting with UNH and walked them through a page by page. They go very excited to try out our strategies and tools.
I was pretty happy that our partners are very open-minded about what we were suggesting. We did suggest using some gifs.¬†ūüėé
The last note is that I believe a good PM should avoid a situation of working until the last minute. Other than that, everything turned out to be a good one! We will be presenting our works later of this month. 

My team ūü¶Ą
My team ūü¶Ą
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