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Oliver's Newsletter - Hello World

Oliver's Newsletter - Hello World
By Oliver Jumpertz • Issue #1 • View online
Here it is, another newsletter but my first one ever. I’ve worked on my Twitter for a little under one year now and tried to provide as much valuable content as possible during this time, and it worked out pretty well. I finally crossed 10.000 wonderful and awesome followers on Twitter, got a few blog posts with more than 10k views, but something is still missing. As I branch out into more and more (social) platforms, experimenting and finding out what works and what does not, there’s a link missing to bring everything together. This newsletter might be that missing link, one way to aggregate all, and also some exclusive content into an issue that might bring some more value to you, the ones who really matter.

What You Can Expect
I already gave you a teaser above, but I think it’s a good thing to tell you explicitly what I currently plan to do here.
The most important thing for me right now is to get one way to aggregate content I write into a format that is readable whenever you’d like to. You’ll sometimes miss my better tweets on your feed (even with fleets) or you might miss a blog post because your notifications are already overflowing. Whatever it is, if you are opting into this newsletter, you’ll get a curated list of content that did particularly well or that I personally find could interest you (without pushing content that simply wasn’t good, promised). And you’ll get more. You’ll get some newsletter-only content but also a lot of experiments. In the end, you decide what you like and I will try to meet your demand as best as possible. Perhaps I will share interesting articles with you and discuss them in detail, or something else, I don’t know that, yet, but I will work that out for sure.
Where You Can Currently Find Me
Just to make sure that you are aware of where you can currently find me, here is a list of my socials with an honest rating of how active I am there:
A Deal For You
You are the people who drive me and my content. I have things I love talking about, but you are the people consuming it. I’ll always talk and write about stuff that moves me and I have fun with, but I’m also here because of you. You gave me the trust to press that follow button, no matter on which platform, so let me ask you this question:
How can I help you?
Drop me a message anywhere you like. If it’s interesting for enough people, I’d like to try to solve your problem for you and use this as an opportunity to include it as content in the next issue of this newsletter so everyone may profit from it. It doesn’t matter if you have a problem with a certain technology, a framework/library, don’t understand a concept, or simply want an AMA. Don’t hesitate to ask.
Until Then
Have a nice week everybody and enjoy yourselves! Don’t forget to spend some time with your loved ones, the internet is not everything.
Stay awesome! 🔥
So long and yours,
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