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Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults - September 4, 2021

Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults
Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults - September 4, 2021
By George Lorenzo • Issue #14 • View online
Hi Everyone:
Happy Labor Day!
The mantra for the upcoming Fall and Winter months is “try to be positive.” From the looks of things, that won’t be so easy to do.
Climate change is raging with unparalleled storms and fires; we could very well enter into a 5th wave of COVID infections, and some say we are already there; parents of young kids are fighting over mask mandates, vehemently claiming freedom to go without masks holding one side of the debate, and safety based on science on the other side (I keep saying freedom requires responsibility); Fox News continues to spout off its dangerous messaging, with Ingram, Tucker, Hannity, and others crying like big babies about misinformed conspiracy theories, and they also tend to bash Fauci; and the enormously hypocritical, big lie is still alive and well, with 30% of the country still attempting to block all that is good for American growth and well-being so they can maintain illegitimate political power. And, of course, there are still millions who are unvaccinated out of ignorance, stubbornness, or flat out selfishness. Many businesses have folded up or are on the verge of folding up due to the pandemic, and millions of people may soon be out on the street because they still can’t pay their rent.
So, where’s the positive?
Well, I’m in a comfortable, air-conditioned condo working from home and able to still maintain some kind of social distancing when necessary – that alone is a huge positive considering all the folks who have been displaced by storms, fires, and unemployment.
I’m also not alone, while many older adults are the opposite.
I’m still relatively healthy (knock on wood).
I enjoy what I do and have created new challenges in the work arena, meaning I’m putting in more hours. In short, as I have noted before many times, I’m a lifelong worker.
That is why for my next Open Forum on Older Adulthood I’m leading tomorrow September 5 at 11 am Eastern time (U.S.) through the GetSetUp platform is on Older Adult Entrepreneurism.
While I don’t consider myself a bona-fide expert on this topic, I have been self-employed for most of my adult life, which has taught me some things about starting your own business, and I have conducted a good amount of research on what it means to be an entrepreneur.
I’m hoping that some of the folks who happen to attend will get engaged in the Forum and offer their own thoughts and expertise about this topic. For example, I’m guessing that perhaps there are a good number of older adults who are seeking ways to work from home because a lot of us older folks are still apprehensive about going back to working out in the public. 
To attend the Forum, you’ll have to register with GetSetUp and then book a seat – go to last issue for instructions on how to do this at
Thanks for stopping by,
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George Lorenzo

The word "Anima" has a variety of definitions. Here it simply means “soul,” or one’s individuality, or one’s inner essence. An old soul has a finely tuned compassionate, tolerant, and magnanimous nature. Old Anima provides information, in a variety of forms, that can be helpful for older adults (and young souls, too), by drawing mostly from humanity’s stock of wise philosophers and scientists.

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