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Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults - Issue #25

Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults
Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults - Issue #25
By George Lorenzo • Issue #25 • View online
Independence Day, July 4, 2022

Does it not seem that many brains around the world have fallen into disrepair?
Here we are buzzing along, surfing along, reading words, digging into information we need to know - in seconds at every turn, accumulating huge loads of knowledge in record speed. What has that done to our brains?  “Scattered” is the first word that comes to mind.
It seems our minds continue to expand, but we cannot process the truth.
We take the good and bad or we may simply observe the good and bad, or we are very active participants in the good and/or the bad. In the end, however, I think the vast majority of us exist to produce something greater than ourselves, often in our offspring – we are active participants in the growth of human goodness, and we pray and hope a lot, often to no avail. And we may not succeed. What matters is that you tried and that you did not hurt anyone along the way.
And many upon many have every right to be angry and not forgiving. They deserve our deepest empathy. They should be placed at the head of the line for inner peace and human love and comfort. And all of us eventually reach the good land somehow in some time - we can only hope that is the case, but again that too is to no avail in the present time.  
In short, I think to say these are negative times is an understatement – and I believe it is because many of our brains have fallen into disrepair.
There’s been a mass dumbing down of everything, beginning with the rampant disinformation on the web and mindless entertainment on TV, as well as a great turning away from philosophic and critical thinking that date back to ancient Greece. Tack on the stronger propensity and acceptance among the ignorant for populist ideals that reek of racism, intolerance, and overall destruction and evil killings of innocents, and we see humanity’s stew at a boiling point that at the moment does not seem to be simmering down.
The sad thing about all this is it is very difficult to discern the kinds of solutions and strategies the good people in the world need to undertake because all the protesting does not look to have resolved anything – we still can’t get the George Floyd and John Lewis bills passed. Same goes for new gun laws and climate change regulations. And the Supreme Court no longer can be trusted to do the right thing. Will it take only an unfathomable disaster to drive more people into the fray to resolve all of our country and the planet’s issues and challenges?  The Democratic refrain is “vote,” and we say we already did vote. But they are also correct – if we had 2 more senators on the right side, things would have been more different.  
We are now seeing – for the umpteenth time ­– what happened during the Jan. 6 insurrection. We are seeing Americans who can easily be identified as not caring about human lives – their own personal gain and prestige overtakes any innate drive to be tolerant and fair – to be a good human being, to save human lives. If people die along the path toward prestige, so be it – that is the way the world works. How utterly depressing! It makes it hard to celebrate Independence Day.
So instead of saying enjoy the Fourth of July and blowing off a bunch of noisy fireworks, I will say “Peace” and throw up an imaginary multi-colored Peace symbol.  
For more on Peace, see - something I wrote more than five years ago.
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George Lorenzo

The word "Anima" has a variety of definitions. Here it simply means “soul,” or one’s individuality, or one’s inner essence. An old soul has a finely tuned compassionate, tolerant, and magnanimous nature. Old Anima provides information, in a variety of forms, that can be helpful for older adults (and young souls, too), by drawing mostly from humanity’s stock of wise philosophers and scientists.

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