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Old Anima: Conversations with Saul, Installment #4

Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults
Old Anima: Conversations with Saul, Installment #4
By George Lorenzo • Issue #10 • View online

Image by Julian Tong at Unsplash
Image by Julian Tong at Unsplash
“Good morning. That was quite the holiday weekend, even though you didn’t go anywhere.”
“Hi, Saul. What’s up today?”
“Pandemic time.”
“You got that from my wife.”
“You’re still on it. You need to get out again.”
“I like being here in my cocoon. What’s wrong with that?”
“It’s chicken-shit. Isolation can be good at times, but let’s face it, you’ve been doing it now since March of last year.”
“I know. I’m still apprehensive, and I actually like interacting with people on Zoom. Sounds crazy, I know. Just being honest.”
“Yes, but you know deep inside - this can’t go on forever, right?”
“I have gone out for a drive, and I felt hyper- aware of everyone and everything around me. It felt uncomfortable. Hey, look at that guy crossing the street. He looks a bit crazed or something. Look at those weird geodesic domes outside of some restaurants. No way I’ll go into one of those.”
“Alright, I’ll leave you alone on this one. But I’ll be back soon. You can count on that.”
“I know, I know. That’s what I’m afraid of.” 
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George Lorenzo

The word "Anima" has a variety of definitions. Here it simply means “soul,” or one’s individuality, or one’s inner essence. An old soul has a finely tuned compassionate, tolerant, and magnanimous nature. Old Anima provides information, in a variety of forms, that can be helpful for older adults (and young souls, too), by drawing mostly from humanity’s stock of wise philosophers and scientists.

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