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Old Anima: Conversations with Saul

Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults
Old Anima: Conversations with Saul
By George Lorenzo • Issue #8 • View online
Hi Everyone:
An idea in bloom… These may be coming out regularly. Somewhat similar to daily meditations …

photo by Christiaan Hyumen at Unsplash
photo by Christiaan Hyumen at Unsplash
Installment 1
Saul spoke clearly to me this morning, repeating a familiar phrase. “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED,” he said, melodically, in all caps, over and over. At the time I was, well, watching television, and a wave of guilt flowed over me. Then another phrase, in melody, came in, again, in all caps: “THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN, PEACE AND HARMONY THROUGHOUT THE LAND.”
The people in the television were playing out a cartoon. A young man with copy-cat puffy hair was speaking loudly about how the 2nd Amendment was the right to bear arms against our government (yeah, those assault rifles will surely stop military tanks); a young woman with Simian facial features was inappropriately making references to the Holocaust; the familiar elderly man who looks like a turtle with spectacles was being his typical hypocritical self with an awkward-looking straight face. I laughed out load. Humor helps.
I switched the channel, a seemingly intelligent man who spoke well was talking over a network called FOX. Think about that – what does FOX as a verb mean? Someone who can out-FOX you. Sometimes the truth is staring you right in the face but you can’t see it.
The man with a first name that only requires a replacement F as its first letter to be a more appropriate descriptor of him seemed to be making very logical and strong anti-vaccination statements. But as I listened very closely, parsed out his words and then looked deeper into the research on vaccinations, it became very apparent that his logic was entirely misinformed, based on flimsy cherry picked studies that were not backed by enough scientific evidence, having no serious weight. “Lots of folks will buy into that man’s misinformation wholeheartedly,” I said to myself. “What a tragedy. Should I feel sorry for them, or for me and people like me,” I asked Saul?
“Go to your laptop and write,” Saul said. “That’s not enough,” I responded, “but I can’t come up with anything else, so I will.”
Installment 2
“They can’t think critically,” I said into the phone.
“No, they’re just really f….ing stupid.”
“Yep, complete f….ing idiots,” I replied. (“Careful,” Saul, the non-audible third-party, spoke to me.)
“They actually believe he’ll be thrown out of office soon because of a false election. They still think the helicopters are going to swoop in and arrest them all.”
“I know, hard to believe,” I said. “They can’t be reasoned with, so what do we do about it?”
“I don’t know. There’s no real solution.”
“Their obvious ignorance makes me feel self-righteous, and I know that is not a good thing,” I said.
Saul nodded his approval and said, “Be nice. Observe them as they live out their karmic destinies. Relax and contemplate. There’s always an exit somewhere. It just may not be on your time table.” 
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George Lorenzo

The word "Anima" has a variety of definitions. Here it simply means “soul,” or one’s individuality, or one’s inner essence. An old soul has a finely tuned compassionate, tolerant, and magnanimous nature. Old Anima provides information, in a variety of forms, that can be helpful for older adults (and young souls, too), by drawing mostly from humanity’s stock of wise philosophers and scientists.

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