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New Additions to Old Anima

Old Anima: Unique Resources for Older Adults
New Additions to Old Anima
By George Lorenzo • Issue #6 • View online
Hi Everyone:
In my continuing effort to aggregate new sources of information resources that older adults may find useful, see links to two new sections - Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Working - listed below.
If you have a moment, please contact me at and let me know what you think. Is there anything you’d like to see added? What kind of articles might you be interested in reading that are related to these two new sections? What do you think about the way everything looks? Is it easy to navigate? What kind of feeling might you get when you look at these pages? Criticism is welcome.
Thanks for stopping by, and to all the Moms, Happy Mother’s Day,

Lifelong Learning
Lifelong Working
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George Lorenzo

The word "Anima" has a variety of definitions. Here it simply means “soul,” or one’s individuality, or one’s inner essence. An old soul has a finely tuned compassionate, tolerant, and magnanimous nature. Old Anima provides information, in a variety of forms, that can be helpful for older adults (and young souls, too), by drawing mostly from humanity’s stock of wise philosophers and scientists.

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