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oh for seven [#14] - secrets of a dropshipper / decline of the suit / the parental tech support test / and more.

Another week, another fresh batch of links for your reading pleasure. In this week's edition: why the

Oh for seven

January 19 · Issue #14 · View online
Like birdwatching, but for brand enthusiasts. Links spotted and shared semi-regularly by Caroline O.

Another week, another fresh batch of links for your reading pleasure. In this week’s edition: why the photos in your Instagram feed are starting to look the same, and why your life is starting to look like an Instagram feed; an inside look at the dropshipping movement; and what suits and stock imagery can tell us about changing perceptions of masculinity. 
And while I’ve resisted the urge to include any of the hundreds of thought pieces about how bad UX, rather than human error, is to blame for Hawaii’s missile alert false alarm, this week’s final link is a related plea for simplicity and avoiding assumptions when it comes to designing new tech.

Can Real Life Compete With an Instagram Playground?
The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed
How the Suit Lost Its Cultural Capital
Visual Trends 2018 by Getty Images
Everything is too complicated
nilay patel
Nothing derails setting up a parent’s new gift like asking them for their iCloud password
9:42 PM - 25 Dec 2017
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