We Are Off The Record - Issue #11 🚀

Hello friends! 👋How's your week going? After getting back on schedule with our newsletter you can exp

We Are Off The Record

November 23 · Issue #11 · View online
What you should know about startups, growth and building a business. Curated by @offtherecord: http://weareofftherecord.com

Hello friends! 👋
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We’re finishing up some projects and are looking to connect with great entrepreneurs to see how we can help them with the growth 📈 of their company. In the last 18 months of our journey we’ve helped 40+ companies from around the 🌍 and would love to connect with more people to discover what they’re working on. Are you working on something interesting? Hit us up! ✉️
Hustle on,

Here's what a $10 Million pitch deck looks like
How (and why) to charge money for products that don’t exist yet
You don't need a master plan, you just need to start
What growth really means at an early stage startup
The founder's guide to compound growth: The 10% Rule
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