Heretic Ideas

By Mthokozisi Mabhena

Spreading heresy every day. One article at a time. Join the revolution!

Spreading heresy every day. One article at a time. Join the revolution!

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How is your religion similar to your friends not supporting your work?

You never chose your religion. You were born into it. Believed it. Then you rationalised why it was the best. The correct one. And more importantly, you rationalised why others were wrong.If you are African, your religion and second official language is chose…


Qualifying the Feedback

On award shows, creatives always outsource their fashion taste and wear to fashion designers. When printing their books, creatives look for professional typesetters and printers to print their books.When communicating, they outsource the building of cellphone…


Nuances of Valuable Feedback

We live in a world of being 'woke', 'supporting our own' and entitlement to support. In this world, your identity is the currency for support; as a result, you see tags like "young" "queer" "black" "womxn" from {insert your city/country/continent here} being …


What Makes People Share Your Song With Others?

What makes people share creative work with others?In general, people share things that will make them look good to the person they are sharing them with. The state or quality of the thing that they are sharing is irrelevant. People share negative (fake) news …


What Makes People Like A Song?

In the course of human history, millions of songs have been made. Some have only been heard by the creators of the song. In fact, the majority have only been heard by the creators of the songs and a few close friends. Contrary to what many might believe, a ve…


The Fallacy of "Support Local Artists"

Observation. From the time of John the Baptist until now, local communities have not been supporting their local artists. Be it writers, musicians or painters. "Analysis". Local communities prefer and are eager to support international artists more than their…


Which Identity Matters in Creative Work?

Creative work such as writing, painting and music does not happen in a vacuum. It has a simple goal. To change it's intended audience. To function in a culture. A tribe. It simply says "People like us, do things like this".