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By Ernest Wilkins

Office Hours Mag is Ernest Wilkins' take on the culture and the business of the cultural industries.

Office Hours Mag is Ernest Wilkins' take on the culture and the business of the cultural industries.

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Cult of Personality

Today will be the last Office Hours with Ernest Wilkins on the Substack platform.


Boys Don't Cry

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Brands to Watch 2021: Roon Labs



How The Biden Administration Could Cement Their Place In History



How Can I Ease The Pain?

The perfect song doesn’t exi-


#167: The Office Hours Interview - Maria Cristina Sherman

Maria Cristina Sherman is a music writer and culture critic currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked as a senior writer at Jezebel, managing editor at Gizmodo Media Group, senior correspondent at Fuse TV, and contributor at BuzzFeed Music. You may hav…


#166: Brands to Watch 2021: The Chicago White Sox



#165: NFT's and the DNA Rule

My mom had a saying growing up. I only heard it when I attempted to do something that was, in hindsight, what us olds used to call Stuff White People Do. It was called the "DNA Rule".


Catch up on Season 2 of the podcast

The Brands to Watch 2021 podcast interviews will now kick off in next Thursday’s newsletter. As such, I thought today would be a great time to get newer subscribers caught up to speed, as well as remind subscribers who may have missed an episode or two to cat…


#164: Brands to Watch 2021

The future of culture, it's clear, will be defined by innovators who aren't afraid to think differently.


#163: The Office Hours Interview: Folu Akinkuotu

Folu Akinkuotuis a home cook, prolific baker and rare snack aficionado. Her newsletter Unsnackable features rare snacks, drinks and fast food from around the world and has been in The New Yorker, SBS Australia and The Face Magazine.


#162: The Office Hours Interview - Simon Owens

Simon Owens covers the media industry for his Substack newsletter and podcast The Business of Content.


#161: Is Advertising a Cultural Industry?

Is Advertising a Cultural Industry?


#160: The Office Hours Interview: Jarrod Dicker

Jarrod Dicker is currently the commercial chief at the Washington Post. There, he oversees the business of The Post across advertising, subscriptions and R&D as well as new ventures (like WaPo’s Zeus, which we discuss in-depth during this interview) and i…


#159: The Office Hours Interview: BNAC

2020 should have been your wakeup call that the way things used to work is not how things will work in the future. No matter what industry, cultural or not, the only constant in business and life, is change.


#158: The Bird is the Word

Yesterday, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that the WWE Network -- their subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service founded in 2014 -- would become exclusive to the Comcast-owned streaming service Peacock beginning in March. Execs would not discuss t…


Do You Know What Today Is?

This newsletter turns 2 today. Before I got diagnosed with ADHD last year, the #1 thing I heard my whole life was that I’m not “consistent”. Work, school, projects, all I heard was that I couldn’t “follow through” on things. (Hmm wonder why?😂), but here we ar…


🚨Paid Subscriber Feedback needed🚨

Happy “Thank GOD that guy is gone!” Day, Cool Teens!


#157: A Time to Break the Silence

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering this speech at Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967.


The Most-Read Newsletters of 2020

As this bad boy turns two in a couple of weeks (!!!), today is going to follow the same theme as Tuesday’s newsletter. Figured we should get all the new readers — or older readers who haven’t opened one in awhile, 2020 was a little nuts — caught up with what …