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🚨Paid Subscriber Feedback needed🚨

🚨Paid Subscriber Feedback needed🚨
By Ernest Wilkins • Issue #167 • View online

Happy “Thank GOD that guy is gone!” Day, Cool Teens!
For the sake of providing added value to your paid Office Hours experience, I’d like to introduce a way for paid subscribers to be able to interact and discuss the topics contained in this newsletter at length.
Here’s what I’m thinking: At the top of the month beginning in February, I’ll start a thread like this. Between here and The Junto, let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll incorporate it into the newsletter going forward.
What’s new for Office Hours in 2021?
  • A better paid subscriber experience. 2021 is about doubling-down on you and building our community. I’ll be creating exclusive playlists and mood boards, giving product recommendations, exclusive podcasts and God willing, access to live events (let’s be serious, this is more like a 2022 thing)
  • The Junto is getting an upgrade. The private Slack channel is going to evolve because maybe Slack isn’t the best communication method? Currently, I’m looking at Circle. If anyone has thoughts on that service or any others, you know where to find me. In the meantime, join the Junto before Monday!
  • The podcast is here to stay. Seasonal breaks in the summer and holiday seasons.
  • The newsletter will evolve a bit. I’m days away from publishing my new website and eventually, that will become the home of all of my projects, including this one. That means expansion. Right now, I’m thinking that the Tuesday newsletter will become shorter, ideally you’d get a link and some original thought and if i really have something to say, a link out to a bigger piece. More on that to come.
  • ICYMI: Monday’s newsletter was the debut of a new recurring segment called “In Their Own Words”. This is the evolution a concept a few really smart people and I pioneered over on Clubhouse last summer. Goal is to showcase the opinions of a great thinker on a subject that’s relevant to a current event. You’ve already seen demos of this concept. Essentially, this is a leveled-up version of #136.
  • I’ve been teaching myself how to visualize concepts since it’s a severe blind spot for me. That means I’m gonna give you more data visualizations, charts and overall data to back up all the shit I talk. If anyone is good at that and wants to work with me on data visualization stuff this year, reach out!
  • Given that I have a lot of thoughts on the products that come from the business of culture, I must sadly announce that I will be starting to dip into some aesthetic-based content here and now. That means the aformentioned product recommendations, cultural observations on current events. Not to worry, you folks will be getting the good stuff before anyone else.
    Feel free to leave comments/thoughts!  
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