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Brands to Watch 2021: Roon Labs

Brands to Watch 2021: Roon Labs
By Ernest Wilkins • Issue #182 • View online

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Cultural Industry: Music
Founded: 2015
Employees: 45+
Why are they a Brand to Watch? How do you make being an audiophile cool? Make a product that’s not only high-quality, but easy-to-use, even for the tech-illiterate. Combine that with a savvy partnership strategy, and it won’t be long until they’re the system of choice for the discerning music listener.
I got on the horn with Marat Berenstein, the Global Music Partnerships & Artist Relations Lead for Roon Labs and we talked about: Roon’s growth despite the staff never meeting each other IRL, how Roon’s tech makes being an audiophile easier than ever, how “audiophile” gets a bad rep,artist ownership of companies, platforms, apps, what “partnerships” roles should look like in cultural industries and much more!
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