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SharedArrayBuffer in JavaScript, Chrome 93, Svelte, ReScript, Jobs, And More

 Beto Muniz
Beto Muniz
Hello 🤩 If you’re receiving this, it’s because you signup to receive my newsletters issues. That said, be welcome to my first ever public personal journal edition (actually, the second one but the first was a test 🤣).
Here I’ll send content curated by me about Web Development, Programming, Software Industry, Side Projects, and more.
I’ll not share this journal in a paced rhythm to avoid spam and/or low-quality stuff. Instead, the editions will be sent based on demand and structured in the following topics:
  • 1 first-handed and original content drop like the “SharedArrayBuffer in JavaScript” below that you can read right after this introduction;
  • Recent contents about Web Development that I recently created and published on Protocolo Alterado and my blog;
  • 5 high-quality content that I consumed recently;
  • 1 short review about some amazing productivity tool that I knew recently and/or use in my workday as a web developer;
  • 1 short review about some amazing OSS projects that I appreciate;
  • 5 opening jobs published recently on Seu Job Tech;
  • And last but not least, the recent updates (when they exist) about my side projects under the topic.
I hope you enjoy the content and the format proposed here.
If so, don’t hesitate to help me sharing this newsletter with your friends 🤗

SharedArrayBuffer in JavaScript
JavaScript SharedArrayBuffer introduces mechanisms that allow the developer to manage the memory manually.
Today, by default, the browser automagically manages the memory usage of web applications. So the developer doesn’t need to care much about it.
The pain point is that depending on app demands, web developers need manually control memory usage to explore powerfully and modern approaches to achieve concurrent aspects and performance. That’s what SharedArrayBuffer help to solves:
const buffer = new SharedArrayBuffer(byteLength);
Keep in mind that SharedArrayBuffer is not a trivial requirement in every single application, as it should be due to the sensible area it controls. Some common scenarios to consider are real-time data availability or massive data processing (Starting from 100.000+ objects).
Also, since it touches on memory directly to be used, it requires security policies, making its usage by design non-trivial for more safety.
For technical specs and support, take a look in the MDN Docs.
⭐️ Bookmarks
Great article that gives to us a plenty overview of Rust Programming Language “future” and key points that show why Rust is one of the most “loved” programming languages.
A changelog overview about all new things of Chrome 93, which includes CSS Module Scripts, updates around the Multi-Screen Window Placement API, URL handlers for PWAs, PWA Summit Announcement, and more.
As you can imagine given this title, this is a tutorial on how to use the state management store to manage state in Svelte applications.
“What was big in August?” - That’s how this amazing GitHub changelog overview starts and basically it’s what is supposed to be. Give it a read to learn GitHub release last month.
A cool and brief article about ReScript, which shows what this is, what are the main differences between TypeScript, etc.
🛠 Productivity Booster
🐙 Lovely OSS Project
🧑‍💻 Opening Roles
Seu Job Tech
After the relaunch on June 8th, 2021, I worked to polish tweaks and integrate the remainings features to prepare it for more updates for job seekers and publishers. It’s part of any software development process.
Nowadays, I am migrating the codebase to TypeScript, adding Unit Tests using RTL, and applying E2E Tests using Cypress.
Also, the upcoming stuff will be focused on promoting a few more features for Job Publishers, like simple analytics and a dedicated Jobs Page by Company
Protocolo Alterado
Don’t worry, I did not give up on this idea, actually, like Seu Job Tech, this project is something that I want to maintain until my last days in this world, but yeah, sometimes I will give it pauses to stay sharing quality content out there. You know, sometimes we need to pause to rethink formats, connect with our lives, etc.
That said, I am already preparing the next “season” of content to be released soon, so stay tuned to not lose anything.
🐇 And that's all folks...
This was the first Beto Muniz Journal edition. I hope you enjoyed it, and again, let me ask you to share it with your network to help me continue with the project.
Thanks again to read, and see you in the next edition 😉
Beto Muniz.
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 Beto Muniz
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